Mozilla Reps Business Card is AWESOME!

ReMo Business Card

Part of the ReMo tools and toolkit is the business card for us to be identifiable, for attending events it’s very useful to extend our network. I’ve been longing to have this but have some doubts of producing my own for some reasons like uniformity and the right way to promote the Mozilla brand.

I just got my printed business card from Pixel800, a digital printing company that accepts short run order. The printing process is fast, done for almost 2 days. It looks awesome in Euro matte 300 gsm, I’m not really a big fan of coated paper. The minimalist design, monochromatic color makes it simple yet elegant. Most of the business card I saw like those of Gen Kanai is matte that influenced my choice of paper stock.

ReMo Business Card

If you already signed up with ReMo just go to the business card generator  and enter your bugzilla email where the pdf file will be sent.The details like name, email and twitter accounts will be fetch so better double check your entry there. Thanks to Ms. Myra for printing this and also Joell Lapitan for taking some photos.

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