Something To Consider Before Buying A Computer

The Brads - Buying a Computer

Have you decided what computer platform you want to use?
The illustration will show you somehow to pick the best platform that will suit your taste, I think this would not just apply to those who wants to buy a new computer.

The most popular and widely used kind of computer in the planet is the Windows PC from Microsoft, that I’m currently using right now. Setting up a new Windows PC in the illustration is true with all the bloatware from the manufacturer, you don’t need it all. Reformatting and installing a fresh version of Windows will solve the problem, expect the increase in performance without the bloatware. By that time you can start working if the hardware can support your computing needs.

I haven’t  tried a Mac computer so I’m not sure about this, but I really wanted to have one in the future if I can afford it’s high prices. The things I know about this piece of machine is the quality of hardware that surely would last for a long time and the performance can handle critical computing needs. If I’ll be using this for video editing probably it needs more juices of RAM, in the illustration adding third party RAM is not necessary if the computing requirements is not that high.

Setting up a Linux PC in the illustration looks to be the easiest having only 3 steps buy a Linux laptop, start working and trim neckbeard. I don’t agree with this, choosing my favorite Linux distribution would be the first step which is missing in this illustration. Most of the time the Linux flavor installed is out of my preferred distribution so still it really needs to be reformatted, of course this is base on my on experience.

Hope this gave you something to consider before buying a computer, with all this choices you can settle to be the best. I find this the illustration to be funny in the way of comparing the 3 PC platform, indeed some might be true to others but not for me. if you find the comic small you see the full size image  also a big thanks to  Brad Colbow, the creator of this great illustration.



Internet Cafe Based On Diskless Linux And Running Windows Games

There’s a linux program called wine that can run windows applications like photoshop. I don’t have the chance to make it work by following the tutorials. While browsing youtube I found this video of internet cafe based on linux thats capable of running windows game titles from Electronic Arts like left 4 dead and need for speed. The guys are playing it and seems pretty responsive. I’ve also been playing this games but in a windows machine, I’m amazed how they made it working in a linux setup.

The PC setup is pretty cool by the way, no casing just barebones maybe cost and ventilation is the reason. I think this guys are Russians or something based on the user comments. Though we can’t see how they’ve done to make this games work, it inspire me to have this kind of setup.