Motivation for Updating a Blog

All right!

I don’t have a post yet since February…


Because I am too busy with other things…


I’ve been convincing others to have their own blog and to blog regularly, while my own blog is lying empty with posts.

I’m having a hard time picking a theme for this blog and I’ve also been experimenting with the CSS and design. I got a new theme again and I will use this from now on so that I can focus on the posts. Well as other bloggers say “content is the king”. I will go through that path, leaving the blog design for a while.

I was also being motivated by Dustin and Gelo, or should I say that they’ve been threatening me that they won’t update their blogs unless I will make a quality post of mine.

So here it is guys…

I’ll be starting with a list:

  • Share something to my readers (if ever I will have one).
  • Practice my writing skill which I’m not really good at.
  • Upload a bunch of  photos sleeping in the hard drive.
  • A lot of things happened already that is worth posting.
  • Look up other bloggers that are successful now like Joell Lapitan.
  • Overcome my procrastination.

With all these, I guess it would provide me enogh motivation for a while. I am looking forward to where blogging will take me. I’m still doing my disclaimer page so I won’t get into any troubles someday.

How about you?

What motivates you to update your blog?

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