Entries for Terra Et Pax Photo Exhibit

I got a call from Geloy Aquino, he was asking if I would want to join a photo exhibit themed about environment and peace so I instantly replied with a yes. He also asked if I could recommend any more people to join the exhibit and with the inception of our photo club which we’ve been doing for quite a while during weekends, I recommended Dustin, Gelo, and Joell as I saw their photos are worth to be exhibited. So I told them about the exhibit, and they gave a positive response and enthusiastically worked their way to join.

We had a meeting with other photographers joining the exhibit for the details. They finally came with a theme of Terra et Pax, a latin word that means earth and peace. Some discussions on technical aspects like resolution, image format, and photo retouching of photograph entries were also discussed during the meeting. A catch about the exhibit is that we have to print it in an 8×10 photo paper, using a professional printer of course and we have to pay for the printing, and won’t be reimbursed after the exhibit. All of us agreed to join with the terms since it’s also our first time to join a photo exhibit.

A photo shoot was scheduled at Mt. Makiling to take some photos guided by the environmental theme on a Sunday but we were’nt able to make it for some other reasons like exams and assignments at school.  I myself don’t have the time to take photos so I searched my stock photos to provide 3 entries for the exhibit. I can’t even think of any titles for my entries and a quote to describe and make them suitable for the theme, so I’ve decided to leave that matter to Geloy. A four day exhibit that started August 9-12, 2010 and was held at the de las casas building extended lobby. So here are my entries for your eyes only, no post processing was done on all images.

Dampalit Falls
Dampalit Falls

Boracay Sunset

Pitcher Plant

Other entries can be found in Geloy’s blog  where he compiled everything and made a video presentation out of it. Indeed, a great experience to be part of the event, hoping I can launch my own photo exhibit or our club Photo-Walkers in the future.

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