SM City Calamba Grand Opening

Alright, so here’s the second part of the SM Calamba Craze. The ribbon cutting was 10am; I have a work so I don’t have the chance to be there. It caused a lot of traffic jam in the area and South Luzon express way as well. Some updates in Facebook shows people swarming the mall.

SM City Calamba

It’s almost 8pm when I got here, of course because of the traffic jam. Hoping that the craze is over but am wrong with that assumption as more and more people is coming. The streets is also full of litter and people almost bumping to each other. Pedestrians are rerouted in the mall area to make way for the  vehicles.

SM City Calamba

Some have cameras shooting inside the mall, am still cautious as the guards are looking at me. I have a big bag for the camera so I took some snap and leave the area.

There’s still a lot of vacant spaces for leasing so if you’re interested you can call the leasing department at (049) 530-0062 local 537

SM City Calamba

With this number of people, its hard to find a place to eat that WalterMart got some of the customers. It took me some time to find a seat in McDonalds but it’s worth the wait, a got a free meal so I’m going back to claim it. The mall is offering free Wifi so don’t forget to bring your gadgets. That’s it for now, you can leave your comments for this SM Calamba Craze or go shopping!

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