Trend Micro SafeSync Unlimited Online Storage

Everybody needs storage for all the digital files that keeps on adding each day. Hard drive on terabyte capacity seems not enough for all the music, photos, movies, and documents. Things to be concerned of are security and data integrity that makes me crazy backing up files. Working on different PC like from work then home is another issue of syncing all data.

Trend Micro, one of the leading company selling antivirus products and that’s what I’ve known about them for years now. I’m a bit shocked for an antivirus company going to online storage market, which is saturated by lot of hosting companies. Trend Micro is listening to its customers and innovating to meet the needs of today’s storage.  Here are the promising features of Trend Micro SafeSync online backup, online file storage, and remote data storage.

  • Unlimited online backup
  • Unlimited remote access
  • Continuous and automatic online backup and synchronization of your files
  • Industry leading security
  • Share your memories with family, friends, and colleagues

They have a 30 day trial and special launch price of AU$69.95, yes that’s Australian dollar. Watch the video if you haven’t while I’ll sign up for the trial.

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