Run Rio: Run United 2 Experience

RunRio and Unilab Run United 2

Everyone is trying to be fit the healthy way but the most important and apparently the easiest way is the hardest to start! Staying at the office day in and day out five to six times a week stacking up carbs and stress to boot somewhat becomes a routine. Then, opportunity to starting a workout opens up but eventually will not work out in the end just like a romance cliché. Well, at least it does sounds like one. But anyone can run and have fun even if you are not with somebody at all. But not as fun if doing it involves thousands more! Nobody does it best like a Run Rio event.

So I decided to register to a 5K run for the experience and bought some sweet equipment and gears. With all the glorious prep and hype running out of slots is the last thing on my mind but yes, I ran out of slots. I found myself getting started in regaining my health back the epic way. Dragged a bunch of friends of mine and thinking that there will be a hell lot of a running.

It was 3am and we’re all in our sweatshirts and had an hour drive from SLEX to Fort Bonifacio. It was still dark when we arrived and setup for the day.

*This will be a long post I will update this later meanwhile check the photos in flickr.

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