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  1. my account is already verified in paypal using eon union bank.. ive tried paying bills but this error occur

    “You cannot complete this action on the card you have selected. Please select another card.”

    can you please help me

    1. Hi! Catherine,

      Can you tell me what is the merchant name of your bills payment. “You cannot complete this action on the card you have selected. Please select another card.” you can edit your card by going to your profile then try Add/Edit bank account then add your bank code hope this helps.

      1. I hav the same problem. I did add a bank account but when I make a purchase, it doesnt show the option to pay using the bank account that i added. the only option is the Eon card that I linked to paypal.

  2. I have two questions:

    1) P350 annual fee so what will happen if I have zero balance?
    2) Can I transfer money from my EON card to Paypal? If yes, how?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi there

      Nice questions you have but I hope I can answer it correctly.

      1. you don’t have to worry about this, nothing will happen. the thing is if you don’t have any funds in there after a year then the card may be deactivated. you can deposit to unionbank to renew it.

      2. once you have verified paypal account it’s connected with eon. you can use your paypal to buy anything online with the funds you have in eon card.

  3. Question 1: How true it is that I cannot use Eon for adding Pay Pal Fund?
    Question 2: If it is true, then is it true that I can just link Eon with Pay Pal so it will just deduct the payment?
    Question 3: How much will be the charges to my Eon card if I do this, the charge that will be done by Paypal and the charge by Eon (Union Bank) to my account? I saw 4.5%+Php15 in Paypal fees, will Eon charge for more?Question 4: Are there options to open Eon as Dollar/Peso Account? Will it matter?

  4. Hi! Ask ko lng po kung kailangan ko pa bang mag antay ng ilang araw para ma enroll yung EON ko? Upon having my EON po kase triny ko E enroll pero “invalid date” po lumalabas. After 3days naman po ng itry ko ulit. “unable to log you in” na sinasabe. 🙁 Pls help me po. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Hi, is there any fee from eon bank in receiving funds from PayPal? As i just withdrawn my funds and they took 300 pesos 🙁 i already paid the paypal fee 50 pesos.. Please advise.. Thank you so much…

      1. so after you’ve deposited cash in your unionbank account, will the money be automatically transferred to the paypal account? or is there like another step to transfer money from our eon to paypal, like a “fund transfer” step or something??

  6. Confirm your credit/debit card to get Verified
    Error Message
    This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.

    (hi there,i would like to ask something..i registered in eon online account just today (03/05/13) then after processing the enrollment, it was stated that i have to wait 2 working days to activate my eon online account.but i tried to link it to my paypal account today by clicking the verify button and a message appears (please see message on the upper part)…do i really have to wait for 2 working days for the activation of my eon online account before linking it to my paypal account?thanks

  7. Ask ko lang po…pwede po ba ilink ang aking Unionbank ATM which is epaycard and not EON…para po for freelancing purposes.. Thanks.

  8. If say I deposited 1000 Php. Into my Eon card, and transfer that to my Paypal account, will there be a deduction using the transfer service?

  9. pwede po bang mag add ng funds to paypal from eon, paano po, verified na po ako through Unionbank Eon. Please Help.

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