Mobile Internet Browsing Tips from Sun Cellular

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Android phones are the latest craze with its mobile internet browsing features that would make you want to surf the web all day. Social networks like updating Facebook and Twitter with ease and earning Foursquare badges on the go. The thing is, are you already enrolled in a mobile internet unlimited plan? Well you don’t have to worry anything about your bills anymore.

Other users may not need an all day mobile internet browsing, and despite all of it they still get unexpected billing or their prepaid credits seem to disappear. Maybe this tip from Sun Cellular can help you maximize your mobile browsing experience. I found this useful as this maybe the culprit behind why I had a big amount added to my monthly bill. I think this will apply to other mobile networks as well as you only have to change the settings on your phone. Keep browsing.

Avoid incurring unintentional Mobile Internet costs by doing the following

(1) Exiting your Web Browser after surfing to cut the GPRS/Internet Connection;

2) Setting your phone’s GPRS/Internet Connection to MANUAL to avoid automatic connection. Please check your phone manual for instructions on how to turn off your phone’s automatic internet connection; and

(3) Doing the same for phone apps. Set your phone apps’ GPRS/Internet Connection to Manual to avoid automatic connection.

Call the hotline at 200 from your Sun mobile phone or (02) 395-8000 from any landline for more information.

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