Nikon Philippines Official Store Opening Soon in SM Mega Mall

Nikon Philippines Concept Store
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Ladies and Gentlemen! I’m proud to present to all nikonians out there, we will have an official Nikon Philippines Store. Yes! it is according to the Facebook fan page of Nikon Philippines under Columbia Digital the authorized distributor of Nikon products. The concept store will be located at the 5th floor of SM Mega Mall and will be opening in 2 months time, somewhere in April this year.

I’m really amazed and excited knowing this, it’s been a long time of waiting. Now a reality for Nikon fans that they are requesting stores for major cities like Davao and Cebu. There’s a lot of Nikon users here in the Philippines but no official store or service centers though Columbia Digital is there, the location is hard to find . Other camera brands like Canon and Olympus can be seen anywhere like malls and service centers they even have product demos every now and then. I think most of the Nikon units are from dealers that have gray units like those in Hidalgo Quiapo, Manila or imported from other countries making it hard to justify for Nikon headquarters to have an official store here.

Existing Nikon users will be delighted for an easy to reach store for parts and services, not to mention the hope for gray unit warranties if they will honor it. I got my Nikon D3000 in Hidalgo that has a 1 year in store warranty, lucky enough I don’t have any camera problems yet. Then its a great effort of marketing for potential new Nikon users to trust the after sales services like repairs and warranties. I hope Nikon will have more local marketing efforts here in the Philippines and a toll free customer hotline for everything Nikon.

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  1. We purchased Nikon D7000 last Feb 2011 in Thailand to prepare for a much awaited diving trip last September. After a thousand land and underwater photos taken, it suddenly flashed an ERR message at the LCD. Careful visual check up of the camera showed that the shutter seem to got stuck up. In the middle of the ocean, the helplessness and disappointment of this unfortunate event is indescribable. Apparently, the Nikon D7000 purchased is stricken by the unfortunate sickness of having the shutter stuck no matter how much care you have given it (could be the defect of the first few batches). Due to time and schedule conflicts, we decided to have it repaired in the Philippines and almost happy to find out about Columbia Services situated in SM Megamall. One of our friends had his repaired for the same problem so we felt a bit of confidence that the service and repair will go well. Here now starts the continued saga of having a defective unit and unreliable and unprofessional service.·         First of all, calling the shop is very difficult. They have a lot of numbers but none of them are working (so what’s the point!!). Until I was able to call their branch itself in Quezon City and gave me the same set of numbers that are uncontactable.·         I finally manage to bring it in their shop the last week of September. I complained about the numbers and they said the landline is broke and the cellphones are always busy. They gave me a few more number then. After inspecting the unit, they gave me a claim stub. They will call me after one week because that is the diagnosing time. Only then will they advise me if for repair or part replacement.·         As diligent as I could, I followed up the first week and nothing. They managed to redeem themselves by calling me days after the promised one week on the condition of the camera. They told me that the shutter was loose and there is a scratch on the CCD. I asked them how did it happen to have a scratch (which we have doubt whether the scratch was caused by them but we will never know).·         The lady cannot explain to me how it happened and cannot explain the effect that will have on the photos·         The shutter blade seems also crumpled. How the hell did they take it apart. So they gave me a notice that they will still check if can be repaired or replaced.·         After already giving them more than a week to diagnose, the technician assigned to it cannot even tell immediately if for repair or replacement! Initially they said they can repair for Php6000.·         However, few days later they confirmed back the repair cannot be done and now they need to replace the parts at Php17,000. Which we decided to go ahead as we just want the camera back in good working condition again.·         Initially, they said it will be fast because the parts are already ordered. In one week it will be done.·         I followed up after a week but I was told that there were shipping problems and have to wait and check back in a week time. The following week I called in twice (early and late that week) and still nothing. So we decided to pull out the unit and told them will pick up the unit on particular day.·         Once at the shop, I inspected it and was horrified how it was assembled back. The crumpled shutter was stuck dangling in between the blades. It was apparent to me that the technician assigned to this work did not do a great job. I was currently being attended to by another technician that couldn’t explain to me how to take apart the camera. What will be the implications of the assembly they did and why did they assemble it that way. I would expect a Nikon technician would be able to give you some explanation/clarification rather than basically saying “it was not me” ….·         I was asking them when the store manager will come in and they said for another 2 hours. The technician apologised because he wasn’t the one who took it apart. So I asked for the technician who was assigned to the job and surprise surprise that particular technician was not in as it was his day-off (this is after we have told them the day and time we will come in the pick-up the unit).  ·         So we asked for them to call the technician so we can talk. Then they pull out another surprise, they do not have a contact number of the technician (how is that possible!!!). Wow … we were so mad and upset but also had a feeling that this is not going get us anywhere since they clearly have no intention of providing professional services to their customers. We just took our camera and left and will never return to this place.How could have they attained the certification from Nikon as the service center in the Philippines … that’s just beyond me. They do not have the service capability, they do not have the service mind, they do not have the service professionalism. For the owner of Nikon out there … think hard and think again before you decide to have your camera service/repair at this place.

    1. Hi Micai,

      That’s a very long comment or should I say rant you have there, I edited the spacing to be more readable. Thank you for sharing your experience I hope readers will be enlightened about this.

      The most important thing to consider when buying a product is the after sales service. I hope Columbia Digital make us delighted for a total quality service.

      I’m also hoping that you find a better service center, probably that is not here in the Philippines.

      1. Anytime you have an expensive equipment, cameras, watches, and the like, that needs repair, don’t have it fixed anywhere in the Philippines. The Philippines doesn’t have the capability of fixing precision equipment yet…period.

  2. is it officially open? kailangan ko kasi ipaayos ang camera eh….hindi nila maayos kasi wala daw silang parts ng nikon,,,,

  3. sa nikon shop sa mega mall ay nag offer sila ng d3200 kc bibili ako next month ayw q sa mga shop shop lng mas ok kapag nikon shop talga ???

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