Popularity Contest Photo Shoot On A Cloudy Saturday

Popularity Contest Crew

February kicks off with the most refreshing faces vying for the most coveted title of  Mr. and Ms. Popularity 2011. Nine promising pairs have been selected as official contestants in the most anticipated event, using the social network, Facebook voting  for the following categories:

  • Most Liked Mr/Ms Popularity in Uniform
  • Ms. FB Choice Award
  • Mr. FB Choice Award
  • Most Liked Couple in Casual

The candidates posed for a photo shoot wearing their casual dress and uniform last Saturday, February 6 at the roof deck.  The annual Popularity Contest is a part of their ITweek-long celebration. Here are some of the candidates that I think looks promising to win the contest.




To name some of the challenges of the photo shoot, is the weather, since we did it outdoor. The sky is cloudy even in the afternoon, that lighting the models is a pain for me. The white cloth is not enough to lit the faces, so we had to use reflectors, those of a car windshield reflector did the job. Strong winds took me some time to get used to the blown hair of the models and used it to my advantage. I used a Nikon D3000 body with a 105mm Nikkor lens, I did not use any flash, even the built in itself. I then took some tweaks in post processing  using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.

It was a happy and funny photo shoot that we were all laughing that time even on that particular cloudy Saturday afternoon. A big thanks to all the production crew who held the reflectors and all.  I’m excited to know who the winners will be, how about you? Are you excited as well? To vote for your favorite pair just like them at their Facebook page. You can  also view some of the photos in my Flickr account for the high resolution version since Facebook is resizing it and I don’t like the quality loss.

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