Give Me A Name: The Mozilla Firefox Philippines Mascot

Mozilla Firefox Philippines Mascot

Firefox fans, we will be needing your help in naming this new mascot for Mozilla Philippines, as other countries like Japan, who named theirs, Foxkeh. Take part in the contest and win yourself some prizes from Mozilla and your glory of course, for giving name to our very own local mascot.

[quote style=”boxed”]We’re launching a “Name the Mozilla Philippines Mascot” contest. To join, just comment on this post with your name entry plus one sentence why you chose that name. Don’t make it profound and deep– we just want to simply know what inspired you for the name you came up with. Be creative! The winner will be judged by a panel from the Mozilla Philippines Community, plus Martin Jimenez.[/quote]

Join the discussion by going to the official website of Mozilla Philippines, I can see a lot of great entries, some are even funny.  I hope we can choose the best before the launching of Firefox 4 here in the Philippines. So let your creativity burn and be inspired for a better web experience in Pinoy style. See yah!


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