Opera Mini Not Working In Samsung Punch GT-C3222

Samsung Punch C3222

Last week I got a new Samsung Punch GT-C3222 and been playing with the features, so far am enjoying the experience. Just now I’m trying to install the opera mini for mobile browsing but it always says “invalid jar file” here’s what I did.

I asked someone to transfer from a Nokia mobile phone the jar file using Bluetooth connectivity but it cannot be transferred, error that say something with the permission issue. Then tried using a laptop, the downloaded opera mini is copied to the micro SD card but then again with no success, maybe the version in not compatible as I cannot see Samsung Punch on the list . The last one is using the Samsung Punch, I visited m.opera.com and it automatically detected the device. Excitement rush as it downloads and I can see install progress bar is getting near to completion then suddenly it nags a “cancelling” screen.  For now I can’t find any solution to this.

If you have any solution about this, please let me know and it would be a great help. I’m excited to use foursquare with the opera mini and get the badges.

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  1. why this is happening with GT-c3222 handset
    when i am going to download this its says jar file invalid.
    is there any solution for this.if yes then please mail me

  2. I m facing same problem and still not solution….
    Why Samsung dont solve our problem…. sent mail there but no reply…

  3. I thought GT-c3222, was such a simple phone to be proud of,It just get into my nerves when it cant just even play common audio and Video file.I think it was meant to excite….and I think its Not Wise to Market it especially in Kenya where it is said that it was designed for Africa.
    Please Samsung Company, Africa is Not a continent of shallow minded people who can….
    Its a lie!!!! wait for its response on the market.

    Its time were going other brands Like King NOKIA and Queen LG.

    1. Hi! James

      That’s also what i thought about this phone a simple one at the price of a mid range category but I’m not delighted. It can play MP3 files and for videos its 3GP and MP4. the thing i don’t like about this phone is not being able install jar files. Most of the features I’m using is the dual sim and the music player, a mid-range phone that I use a basic phone. I’m not sure if they made a major modification for the version in Kenya, maybe the answer would be to change brand.

  4. this the worst phone i have ever bought from samsung……they should withdraw it from the market and look for a better phone to sell. it cannnot even play Youtube videos.

  5. I am really disapointed by this phone..initially i was able to download and install but just recently everything turned worse after I did a master reset.. I cant install any application.. it says “INVALID JAR FILE”

  6. hmmmmm dis is ma first tym of  using  samsung but they fuck up, in  ma lyf i wont buyy any of ther products. fuck uuuu samsung

  7. This is the best phone i ever have.i have found the solution for your problem.first you will have to download opera mini in jar file to your computer,make sure that its J2me jave file.then put this java file in your memory card and try to install it in your mobile phone samsung chat c3222.once you have installed.open the opera mini browser,that will take some time to install.after you have install,try to open GETJAR.com website from opera mini,try to download something from getjar site,you will that anything you download,will be saved automatically without any error.
    actually there is problem with recognition of this cell phone,the default browser in samsung chat c3222 does not recognize itself to the website from where you are downloading,as a result the specific file is not downloaded and show error with jar file.
    i think this would help you.
    remember me in your prayers
    S.M.Hussain Naqvi

  8. Samsung Chat GtC3222 is worst phone of my life

    firstly i was able to download and install many apliction but now not a single applicatio

    fuck this phone

  9. help please i have downloaded opera mini 4.2 on my GT c322 but i accidentally deleted it.. . but when i try to re install it again it just showing JAR FILE INVALID.. im so doomed i miss my opera mini.. 
    actually this phone kinda sucks

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