29 Social Networks with 1 Million Unique Visitors Per Day

29 Social Networks

We got hooked on Facebook so well that if you think it’s the only social network out there, well think again. A list of the top 29 players in the social network game was measured using Google trends were named and though this tool is not 100% accurate. Well, mere estimates are not bad to have something great to start with than not having anything, right?

A unique visitor per day to a site is still considered even if they end their session not being registered users and even if they won’t log in for a period of time. A lot of users also lurk in some social network that already started making name for themselves like MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter having their own sets of target market. In LinkedIn’s case which has a large user base of professional networking rather than personal like Facebook, still Facebook has the place in having the largest estimated visitors.

Commodity, a good or service whose wide availability typically leads to smaller profit margins and diminishes the importance of factors (as brand name) other than price.

Nowadays, social networks play a very vital role in the lives of the people especially to this generation’s in propagating hash tags. They’ve become the latest trade of commodity, which is linking with other people who wants to find acquaintances, share their common interest, to make connections where none previously existed, and alike. Each of them has their way of getting our attention and influencing us in many ways that we consciously or unconsciously notice.

A very widely used yet still subtle proverb, “everything comes to an end”, mirrors the rapid evolution of social networking, their triumph along with their downfall. Let’s take Friendster as an example. Yes, you’ve read it right; Friendster that once ignited the social network frenzy and made a great imprint on the pages of the social networking revolution, the same friendster that a decade from now wouldn’t be recognized by anyone anymore and will be completely erased in anyone’s list.

It really hit me that before, humans took a hundred and even a thousand years to evolve by means of their way of life and the trend in today’s social network transition just quickly change with the wink of an eye.

You don’t have to stay at Facebook for all of your time, with this list may you find another niche for your interest like Flickr whose target users are photographers.

Let’s see for ourselves who would stay long in the business and make it big in the social networking spotlight.

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