Back To School Again

Back To School Totes!
I been busy this months or whatever you call it, I say its interruption that keep me sane. It’s been a while that I got NO blog post for this reasons. The school year started last June and I got a teaching load in college about desktop publishing using Adobe InDesign CS5. Also I’m back again in the Graduate School to finish it having 3 subjects left. Sundays are probably a rest day but it’s not I guess with other things to do that pops out.

It’s a balance of work and life, I think theres a Work-Life Balance for Dummies
about that which I have to read again and again. I’m enjoying everything but the greatest enemy here is “time”, yah! time to do everything I want with speed. I’ll try to read a book that can help me overcome it.

So thats it for now, I havent posted yet the photos I took last Sunday, it’s on my flickr page anyway. See yah!

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