Surrender Any of Your Old Jeans and Get 25% OFF on Your New Pair of Jeans

Just Delivered Jeans

Last week I’ve thought on how to get rid some of my old jeans that don’t want to fit in my waistline anymore. I got a size of 28 before but am getting bigger now so it’s 31, yeah! I can’t believe it either. first thing came to my mind is to give it to my “labandera” or sell it. my hesitation to give it to her is that if the jeans would not fit to her son, selling it is just plain unrealistic for me to take all my time shouting or whatever.

One booth in SM Calamba catch my attention with the poster design, a dark and grunge theme that tell me to surrender any old jeans and get a 25% off on the new pair of jeans. then I asked the lonely booth attendant for the mechanics, she’s a girl by the way. I’m the first one to ask I guess, when i saw the empty metal cage like those used as shark cage.

The inquiry begins and I find it the the best solution to get rid of my old jeans that it would be given to the less fortunate through the SM Foundation and handed over to DSWD for distribution where I know a lot of people can benefit. One of the booth attendant took photos of me as the first to avail the promo. I gave my email and still waiting for the photos anyways here are some terms of the mechanics.

  • only 3 pair of jeans of any brand surrendered a day that starts on Fridays until Sundays.
  • purchase any day within the promo period.
  • the 25% discount only applies to regular price and should not be used with other promotions.
  • only one coupon for every pair of jeans
  • purchase must be made inside  the SM department store of  the participating brands.
  • women’s jeans can be surrendered but only denim jeans for men can be purchased.

Just Delivered Jeans Coupons

The next day I returned to SM Calamba and  surrendered 3 pair of my old jeans but bought only 2 pairs of new Rough Rider Jeans (RRJ) Today I surrendered again 3 pair so I got 4 unused coupons. Again I noticed I’m  the first one to avail the promo as the ladies in counter told me, they’re calling their supervisor for the  clearance code of the items. I left them for a while to get the replacement of my temporary SM advantage card, for the reward points.The long wait is worth it when I returned  to the counter, it’s cleared for approval. If you want to buy some new jeans I’m giving away this coupons, you can contact me on how you can get it.

Rough Rider Jeans Tag

Here are some of the brands to choose from for this month, other brands will be featured next month.

Baleno, BNY, Bobson, Bossini, Bum Equipment, Canadian Club, Cherokee, Club R, Colours, Denim Blues, Ego, FG, Freego, FUBU, Hammerhead, Hibaler, Markus, 101 New York, No Fear, 96 North, RRJ, U2, V+ Jeans, Wrangler

Designs will vary depending on the participating stores. Hurry this offer is until October 9, 2011 only, I got mine so it’s time to get your pair of jeans.

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