Recover Accidental Deletion of WordPress MySQl Database in Bluehost

My web host just emailed me for the second time about their terms of service (TOS) for having too much or unused mySQL tables affecting the server performance. I then acted for compliance of the TOS by deleting some tables, but which table? when I use simplescripts it automatically install the databases.

The search started by going to phpMyAdmin and checked what is the domain for each database, simplescripts default name for the database is like this _wrd1(5). By clicking the database and look for the wp_options, you can find the domain name in the option_value also my way of counter checking it. I then click MySQL Databases to delete the databases one at a time. I got some old website that has free domains which is now banned by Google for spamming the internet, I decided to drop those sites even I’m not spamming.

A got a phone ring from Joell asking me where is the database of his blog, the things I’ve been cautious about is not to delete working databases. The site is down so I checked for the said database and it’s really not there, accidentally deleted. Though he has a back up, I tried restoring it using the tools in the control panel. Luckily there’s a new service Site Backup & Restore Pro for $12.95 per year, in just a matter of 2 minutes the database is restored. He also made some tweaking in the wp-config and the his blog is back again to normal.

Even though he has a backup of the database, it make me feel more secure by activating the Site Backup & Restore Pro for unwanted or accidental deletion in the future. Files and MySQL databases is automatically back up leaving me no worries for my clients. I’ll be more careful next time.

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