Mesh Case for Samsung Punch GT-C3222 from Digibabe

Samsung Punch Mesh Case

When buying a phone I also add some accessories that can protect it from scratches or shock. I only got a screen protector for the LCD of my Samsung Punch GT-C3222 since its a new release by that time there’s no mesh case. Then after some months there’s a gel case but I just don’t like the fit and feel of it.

I saw some guys having a mesh case and got my attention for its feel and color, it also perfectly fit the phone. The reason for having this is to hide the scratches at the back as you can see here in the photo and make it look new. The front of the phone is really horrible to look at with a damage near the LCD, there nothing I can do about that falling to the ground and hitting a stone.

Samsung Punch Mesh Case

It saved my phone from disintegrating (again) the battery and the back cover shatters when I accidentally drops it. I just noticed the difficulty in typing as the mesh case added some thickness in the Samsung Punch GT-C3222 which is a qwerty keyboard. One thing to keep in mind is to take it off once in a while for cleaning as it really catches a lot of dust and other dirt you can imagine in  your pocket.

Samsung Punch Mesh CaseSamsung Punch Mesh Case

I got this from Digibabe, a specialty store for gadget accessories like iPod and mobile phones carry this at SM Calamba or maybe its available at other SM branches.


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