Nikon D3100 Released In Color, Yes In Color RED

Red D3100

Nikon Corporation just announced a new version of Nikon D3100 in red, yes the color is red as you can see here even the neck strap is red. Maybe your fine with the traditional black but I guess they’re targeting new users, the ladies must be happy with this news. The specs are the same, the only difference is the color that appeal to the color red lovers. Wait! lower that expectation if you’re from Asia, this product is only available in Europe right now for 599 EUR.

Red D3100

A call to action by Nikon with the trends where DSLR is now appealing to the young consumer girls, I’ve known it first from Pentax that they have different DSLR body color ranging from yellow to red. Then I saw one our student, she’s a girl, having a red Canon body. I also noticed that the models are mostly entry level camera, I hope Nikon won’t do it on the midrange or PRO camera line up.

Red D3100 Neck Strap

I still prefer the classic neck strap, the yellow over black strap, though there are some third party neck strap I hope Nikon would just leave it to them to design for different market segment. I’m not a big fan of red really, orange is more appealing to me but those colors is not easy for the eyes to look at. This product is intended for young people to encourage them a happy photography experience. With my age right now, I still prefer the classic black. How about you, what can you say, just leave it in the comments.

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