Level App with the Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Philippines released the new Samsung Galaxy Y, an entry level Android phone  intended to replace your first Android smart phone. If your stuck with limited features, level app now with the Samsung Galaxy Y.

[threecol_one]Access the Android Marketplace

with over 150,000 free apps[/threecol_one] [threecol_one]Download Music and Videos

for free, anywhere on the web[/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last]Play More Interactive Games

like arcade games, racing games, and more[/threecol_one_last]

It’s powered by Android Gingerbread OS, a 832 MHz processor to meet your need for fast response. Don’t worry about connecting to the web with its built in WiFi and of course an expandable memory of up to 16GB of storage. The Samsung Galaxy Y or Samsung Galaxy “Young” is priced at Php5,990 probably one of the cheap android phones in the Philippines.

Grab the FREE 2 limited edition ArtWraps if you buy from October 15-31, 2011 a great offer that would save you from buying a mesh case. Right? This would be a great  upgrade to my Samsung Punch that I’m having problems with the installation of jar files.

19 Replies to “Level App with the Samsung Galaxy Y”

    1. Hi! you can check back to the store you bought your galaxy Y, it should be free. I also did not receive the free art wrap. but they will contact me as soon new stocks arrive.

        1. you can check back again at smart center and ask for the free artwraps. its based on the adverstisement. so insist on getting it.

  1. How can i download smartnet application since my smartnet app were erased when i try to resolve password problem of my samsung young?

    1. well yeah.. stocks are already out mostly on leading stores.. i’ve talked to someone from a telecommunications company and they’re offering plans that even without an avaible on hand, clients may make arrangements with them to make reservations for a unit.. i’m also interested with your location.. because from where i am right now, units are already out on the leading malls around my area and when i visited an establishment not so far from it, they have available units on hand.. i suggest you visit a place that is not appealing to you (i bet most people won’t find it to be one like you do) and hope that you’ll find a samsung young from there..

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