Easy Way To Get Philippine Passport Through DFA Online Passport Application

Philippine Passport
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Getting a government document in the Philippines is not an easy thing, I think you know what I mean by this. There are other ways to get a Philippine passport, but this is how I get mine and it’s easy for me; you can share at the comments if you have one. I’m sharing this experience I consider an adventure and a challenge. I’ll try to keep it short as I can, but I think this would be a long post.

Teleserv and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) forged an agreement to give this online service to millions of Filipinos who are dying to leave the country every minute. I like the power of business process outsourcing (BPO) of Teleserv tapped by the government to make a quality service.


For a new passport application,the first on the list that I chose to accomplish is the NSO birth certificate since it does not require any valid ID. Make sure all the entries are clear and readable;  mine was in old handwritten format which is not accepted by the DFA. Now what? Go to your local civil registrar and make a request for endorsement letter to the regional NSO. It took me years to have the electronic version of it, I even had a heated argument with the regional NSO staff asking if it’s already endorsed by the local registrar. She told me about the Presidential Decree that no one can view the endorsement which I’m not aware of. My point is, I don’t want to pay again for the handwritten version, just a waste of money. It’s a long story that I have to make another post for that. Try to have the documents listed in the requirements , a bunch of valid ID will get you going: a TIN card from the Bureau of Internal Revenue is the surest valid ID you can have, printed on a cheap paper then laminated and my company ID which is considered valid, too.  This completes all my documentary requirements. Sum it  up, I have 3 documents the NSO birth certificate, TIN card ID, and my company ID.

Set an Appointment

Here is the only online part. Set an appointment to DFA Online Passport Application, and read all the never ending notes there. Fill up all the required entries, avoid or make no errors and make sure it matches with the other documents to save time from going back again to the DFA. Choose your preferred date and time slot, that is, morning or afternoon slot. I would recommend a morning slot; I’ll let you know why on the next step so keep reading. A confirmation email will be sent to you,and be sure to click it within 24 hours. If not, the link will expire and cancel your appointment. You need to have a PDF reader installed in your computer such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader to be able to read the electronic forms. The process is automated, so don’t try to fool the system: cancel your appointment if you can’t come on the set date by using the appointment cancellation. This is to avoid problems in the future applications. My personal appearance was set in the DFA Consular Office – Manila at ASEANA Business Park, Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City.

Personal Appearance

Going there by public transport is easy, buses have DFA signs and will drop you next to ASEANA building. If you have your own vehicle, a big parking space is on the next block with security guards.The adventure begins here after a long wait along EDSA for  buses going to the DFA. This time, by the way, I was accompanied by Joel and his brother. When we alighted from  the bus, some people told  us where to set an appointment. To our surprise, we were directed to go the  Shell gas station right across the DFA. Don’t be fooled by this. Fixers are not an option in getting any government documents. Also you won’t be needing any of the ball pen or passport sleeve jackets, sold by peddlers. Aside from selling it forcibly ( yes, forcibly ), the prices are astromonical.

Be there at least 1 hour before your appointment. There’s no need to be there by 1 A:M  just to be the first on queue. The system implemented is  by batch, so you don’t have to worry about that. Hundreds of applicants swarm the building a day that they have 3 holding area. This is why you have to pick the morning schedule; everyone is being held a box like perimeter line outside the building, literally on the streets. A bottled water and something to cover you from the heat of the sun are must-haves. There are no chairs to sit on, and  you can’t even lean on  the wall of the adjacent  S&R shopping center. The guard will surely aim his shotgun at you for doing so. You should have all your printed and photocopied documents with you, incomplete  documents will lead you nowhere but home. The guard will check your schedule in the printed appointment form. Don’t bring anyone who doesn’t have any transaction at the DFA since  that person will not be allowed to enter the gates. My appointment was scheduled at 11 A:M, but we were lining up by 10 A:M. Finish your food and water before entering the gate. No food is allowed inside, or you’ll be asked to leave it at the counter.

I was with  Joell and his brother who is a government employee. Here’s the catch. Government employees have a courtesy lane, so they don’t need to battle the long line. I phoned  the 737-1000 Pilipinas Teleserv customer service if one whose  parents or brother are government employees can use  the courtesy lane. I was told that I  could  only use it  if my  parents are with me and is also applying  for a passport. Also, I should be single if I will use my brother’s privilege, but he must be with me,too!  I can’t use the courtesy lane because all of those government employees in my family are not available. This is a great news for Joell, so along with his brother, they happily entered the building and I waited outside. Here comes the bad news. He was not accepted at the courtesy lane since  the staff told him only the parents and not his brother privilege is being honored. Joell insisted that he had the privilege to use the courtesy lane based on the information given to him by the customer service  about the issue. The staff  handed him a piece of paper saying that only applicants whose parents are present are honored at the courtesy lane. Knowing this, he left his brother  and joined me in the morning heat outside. Though it also happens in other companies, the lesson here is that customer service on the phone and the staff in front of you are  totally in a different world. It only took an hour for Joell’s brother to finish all the entire process.

The next holding area is a big tent inside the DFA compound, with chairs enough to accommodate  the whole batch. Having a seat is such a relief, but one annoying guy playing loud music from his mp3 player added to the noise  from the applicants.We moved like a train going to main building,

Patiently, I waited for the chance to be in the air-conditioned holding area before reaching the teller window where I submitted the requirements. When I was near the window, I overheard the lady  telling the officer  that she already paid for the passport for Php 3000 to  a person who promised her to process her documents the soonest. She was told that it must be a FIXER .This time, we moved at turtle pace though at last I was able to submit the documents; this time I was done in minutes and ready for the next step at the second floor.

I got a transaction number, and this step is the fastest in the whole process. At the second floor, a decent number of cubicles that can accommodate  a large volume of applicants can be found. Each cubicle has its own digital camera, fingerprint scanner, and digital pen for signature. The E-passport saves time in terms of processing and offers a lot of security. It took 5 hours just to get a new  passport, a big “time-waster” is the long line of applicants.


You don’t have to pay for or spend on anything than the passport itself, depending on the processing days. If you want to save some cash go for the regular processing at Php 950.00 for 20 working days. When the need arises and circumstances require you to have a passport immediately then go for the rush processing at Php 1,200.00 and have it after 10 working days. Now, fees are rather cheaper that it used to be years ago.


I don’t want to go back to the DFA and to undergo the same  process of standing on a long line  just to get the passport. So, I wanted it to be delivered, but an additional Php 200 for the delivery of the courier company of your choice like 2Go and LBC was an extra. I was  expecting the delivery of the passport by October 17 through 2Go; I’ve  waited till noon but no luck. With the Air Waybill (AWB) and Consignment Note (CN) numbers in hand, I tried tracking it using my mobile phone, but I got no confirmation or response. The online tracking feature on their website is not really tracking, it’s just a detail of the package, I’m expecting something like this. I contacted the branches of 2Go Laguna hub for a follow up in San Pedro ,but they redirected me to Sta. Rosa where the phone was  not even ringing.I rang the customer service in Manila (+632) 5287-136 that gave  me a repetitive message ” your call is important to us” for 6 minutes and it’s not a toll free number! The last resort I did was to email the Laguna hub guys. The next morning I received  a reply saying they got the passport at DFA on October 17 in the evening. I think I will blame the DFA for the delays not 2Go. With all the labors I undertook and hassles I underwent, I was ecstatic to finally receive my passport on the 18th of October. Such a labor. Below is the preview of the inside pages of the new electronic passport.

Philippine Passport

WORDS OF CAUTION : The passport contains sensitive electronics. Do not bend, perforate, or expose this to extreme temperature or excess moisture.

Here are some tips to enjoy your adventure in  Getting Philippine Passport Through DFA Online Passport Application.

  • Don’t deal with fixers.
  • Don’t buy anything from the peddlers.
  • Bring anything that will shield you form the heat of the sun.
  • A bottled water.
  • Remember the old adage: Patience is a virtue. Have lots of them with you.


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  1. hi! i have an appointment for monday sa DFA… I only have NBI clearance, Police Clearance, Company ID, NSO birthcertificate, TOR, Barangay Clearance, stub from SSS for my ID still on pending, ok na ba yan lang i-present ko?

    1. Goodevening ma’am/sir. What will i do? I need a passport ungently, Wala ng available slots ng march. Paano ako makakakuha agad. Kailangan kasi this month mayroon na akong passport. ASAP po.

        1. hello po ask ko lang po sana kung pwede pong mag apply ng passport kahit may mali ung nso pero may affidavit naman po thankyou po sa sagot godbless ..

      1. Hi ask ko lang po, Papayag pa rin kaya yung dfa na makakuha ako ng passport kahit mali signature ko sa Nbi at postal? Kumpara sa biometric ko? pls answer. thanks

    2. Good Afternoon po its hard to schedule appointment in DFA
      i need urgently sana po this April anu po other way po pra mkkuha ng passport

      Thank you

    1. hello sir/madam
      am applying for a new passport since last jan.2013..but until now keep waiting the response from DFA davao where i took my previous passport..it was lost last 2009…pls advice me what should i do so that i can take the replacement of my lost passport…i passed all the requirements they needed..just waiting for good and kind assistance.thanks hope to have your immidiate reply.
      thanks and more power

    1. i need some clear details about getting passport
      please call me here 09353364527 for more details please
      this is my first time i need help badly
      thanks for the concern whoo will help me

  2. I made a appontment to on line appointment system, yesterday,I have not recieve any confirmation until now,,how long will it take to recieve the confirmation?

      1. hello sir.. how i cancel my appointment.. my appointment is monday sep. 16, 2013.. how can i cancel today to move it on tuesday..? pls answer me.. tnx

      2. Sir , mag apply po ako ng pagkuha ng Passport , rush po kailangan po kasi makakuha nako ng Passport San po malapit ?Sa Laguna pa po ako ? Thank you po

  3. Thanks for the tips, it’s much appreciated. I’ve been scouting around for a how to guide again since it’s my mother in law and aunt’s turn to get theirs. I just want to help out and make it as smooth as possible. 

  4. Oh by the way, I didn’t see anything about using any forms… is the PDF from the DFA website still needed since it’s named ePassport application and all. Got a bit confused there. Thanks much!

  5.  mine was in old handwritten format which is not accepted by the DFA .I go to our local civil registrar and make a request for endorsement letter to the regional NSO. It took me months to have  it but still the same, I even had a heated argument with the NSO staff asking why the result is still the same what a waste of money and time.

  6. hello..the only thing i had is nso birth certificate,baptismal and nbi clearance..ok na po ba un pra mkapag apply ng passport??and i had school id pero nung 2011 pa.and i had postal id pero di pu yata kinoconsider na valid id ung postal..hope to hear from u..i was planning to set an appointment on monday thanks po..

  7. Im only 20 is it ok f im planning to abroad..in middle east country …?what are the easy way in getting passport for abroad

  8. im a married woman but i wanna use my maiden name, and as ive searched i can use my maiden name but i have to bring an affidavit of my marriage contract, it declares there that i am not going to use my married name..is this valid?

  9. I already scheduled an appointment to DFA, now I’m planning to cancel it 3 days before but could not be cancelled.. What will happen if I will not go for the said appointment due to some sudden emergencies..will they schedule you another appointment later on?

      1. hello sir, my requirements on hand to get a passport are, NSO Birthcertificate,Cenomar, NBI,PostalID and barangay clearance, are this requirements are enough for me to get through?, please help,,,,thank you

      2. pwedeng magtanong saan puede makakakuha ng rush passport kasi need ng kapatid ko kasi mag ojt siya sa singapore dapat by september merun na siya

  10. i nned help for my new passport i have all requirements but the problem why they dont accpeted my requierments i ahve new for my registration for comilic and i really want my passport for my fiancee

  11. ano poh bah ung exact nah kelangan sah pagkuha ng passport poh?kelangan poh bah ng brgy.clearance,police clearance,mayors permit,transcript record,diploma,,,etc.kelangan poh lahat yan?sana poh ma2longan aq,,tnx poh

  12. great advise! but the problem is dfa doesn’t release passport on right time I process my passport on the 15th of January (no fixer) until now I didn’t have my passport… Almost a month…. can anyone know how to solve this kind of delay?..

  13. guys.i have some problems to process my passport, ung nso ko kasi dinaan ko sa fixer ang birth certificate ko para sa authentication then nalaman ng dfa.. subrang d ko naman kasi alam na fake ang fixer. so bali ngayun parang lagut ako sa dfa sa lucena.. so aayusin ko nalang nso ko ngayun. …ask ko lang na kung okay lang ba kung pumunta ako sa ibang dfa ? dba ako block list ?

  14. hi. If i am from mindanao, can i get a passport from the DFA in cebu? or do i really need to go to the DFA of my province? i just want to know and need a confirmation if i can get a passport in other DFA office that is not under my province.

    Please help.

  15. hi im try fill up the online passporting appointment,pero bt gnun wla nman aqng nrrcve sa email q,3days na since nag fill up ako,txka bt wla nman nkalagay dun na my mornin or afternoon o oras sa finil upan q??

  16. Nagsara na yung Agency na dati kong inaplayan at nandun yung passport ko,pwede ba akong makakuha na lang ng panibagong passport?nag-file na ako ng complaints sa poea doon sa agency at nalaman ko na expired na licence nila at mukhang may iba pang kaso sila.ang tagal ng summom ng poea para sa schedule ng aming hearing.kailangan ko na kasi asap.please help me,thanks…

  17. Paano ba pag mag cancel ng appoinment sa DFA meron pa ba akong ma tanggap na email to confirm na cancelled na ang appointment ko.

  18. kukuha po sna aq ng passport through online po..mas magastos po kc kpg bibyahe pa aq at maki2pila pa..

    1. only nso, valid id on school, postal id, nbi and police clerance po mga requirements na meron po aq ngaun..plss reply me urgently po!!

    2. Mas madali at mas mura pag online application. Personal appearance na lng then mag aantay ka na lng ng delivery. Good luck

  19. Hi ako po ay isang ofw, kasama po ako sa tumakas, ngayon kailangan ko maglose passport, so kailangan ng xrox copy ng passport, kaso ni isang copya wala aking hawak gawa ng pagtakas ko sa employer ko suot ko lng nadala ko. Papaano po ako makaka kuha ng copya ng aking passporte jan s pinas? Kindly reply asap

    1. Hi Binda,

      I think kailangan mo makipag usap sa OWWA or sa DFA para makakuha ka ng
      bagong passport.
      or maaring mong gawin itong isang paraan na ideclare mo sya as lost
      passport at ito ang mga
      kailangan mong gawin.

      – *Personal appearance*
      – *Confirmed appointment*
      – *No need to submit a passport size photo*
      – Submit same documents required for *first time passport applicants.*

      bisitahin mo ang link na ito para sa iba pang impormasyon
      sana makatulong sayo ito. Ingats

  20. may file ka sa database pero kailangan mo yung mga documents na ulit yun para makakkuha ka ng bago. although special case yung sayo kasi tumakas kas employer mo. pede ka humingi ng tulong sa OWWA or dyan sa Philippine Embassy. Nasan ka bang bansa ngayon?

  21. Sir, is it ok kumuha ng passport hindi sa DFA? like for example Paglaum Business Centers here in Oroquieta city, they offer processing of passports daw po, ok lang po kaya don ako kumuha? Wala po kasing DFA dito samin, paki-sagot nmn po, thank u po!

  22. hi..ask ko lang if pede ko makuha passport ko dis wik kc ang deliver nun sakin ehh sa june 10 pa..kaso emergency kaya nid ko now..? mag aadd nalang ako ng bayad..so panu ko gagawin? i min panu ko..mapapadali?thankyou..pls reply..asap

    1. Hi I think di na mapapadali yun by delivery pede pa siguro tawagan mo yung DFA then tanong mo kung pede mo kunin personally yung passport. Hope this help.

  23. Gd.pm poh tanung q lang poh Kung pwede Id q na philheath and postal id para makakuha poh ako nang passport new application poh.

  24. Hi.reply poh kailangan ko poh makakuha nang passport ok.lang poh vah to id ko postal id and philheath id?

  25. My nso birth na din poh ako at police clearance.nbi clearance ang gusto q poh online nlang poh ako mag apply

  26. goodam po! isa lang po and id ko which is voters pero nso i have, yung postal po ba pwedeng gamitin? wala din kasi ako company id kasi ang work na pinapasukan ko puro pagtitinda ng gulay po sa public market tnx!

  27. hello po..kumuha po ako ng Passport ko sa DFA Cebu that was 2011,may mga agent doon mismo sa office na ng ooffer ng mabilis na process for paying 1,200.yun ang naging option ko,15 days for pick up na yung passport ko nun ng di ako nakabalik ng Cebu as i needed to go back sa province the following day after the whole process.
    Wala akong kahit,anung documents to show para kunin yun.(reciept or passnum)kasi ang humawak num ay yung agent sa batch namin ng mga kumuha that day.But alam ko naman po na okay ung naging process at for pick up nalang po un di nga lang ako nakapunta after 15 days.
    year after ,i tried na i follow up ang status ng passport ko but walang respond. Pano po ba mag track ng passport?sana po matulungan nyo po ako…salamat

  28. hi ,im a filipino here in malaysia but i convert to muslim,so can i use my muslim now for the renewal of my passport?my passport xpired on july 2014..but still my christian name ,so pls cn let me know if how,tnx?

  29. Good day po! nag apply po ako thru online sa DFA as new applicants and got my appointment on July 1 , but i have a problem with me my NSO birth certificate coz i got a clerical error with my middle name although nagsubmit n me ng mga requirements po sa Local civil registry nitong june 10, para maasyos ng local covil registry sa NSO, it just happen na need ko agad un sa NSO para makapag-apply po ng passport for my company tour sa August po. So Binigyan po ako ng Local Civil registry ng certificate or katibayan na ngfile na po ako ng petisyon sa NSO, iaccept kaya po nila ung certificate ko kahit hindi pa tlga naayos NSO birth certificate ko po? and kukuha p rin me ng kopya ng NSO birth certificate ko now khit di pa naayos basta meron certification ok na po kaya un? , i also have a valid id’s like SSS, PHILHEALTH ID, VOTERS ID, TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS, OLD EMPLOYEES ID, AND BARANGAY CERTIFICATE, need ur response ASAP . THANK YOU VERY MUCH po.

  30. dear sir/mam

    nag aply po ako ng new passport online then nag fillup na po ko form by online and inayos ko na po kailangan documents and then binigyan na po ng confirmation na the said date and time pero pag dating ko.po ng dfa main cancelled dw po ung appointment ko galing pa naman po ako ng probinsya

  31. hi sir, ganto po ba tlga kelangan hintayin q ung confirmation with in 24 hours? kakatapos q lang po mag online now.. akala ko agad agad mag sesend sa email q ung confirmation…kelangan po ba tlga hintayin with in 24 hours

  32. gud day ! ask ko lng po ,f pwd po ba akong mag pa appointment ulit kc dati may sched.na po me pero d po ako nakapunta pued po ba?pued din ung postal id at TIN id?mayroon din po mali sa brthcrtifc8 wrongspelling po kc middle name paano po un? may 1 yr old baby po ako ano ang req. pag mag apply ng passport?thank you .pls .need ko po opinion niyo.

  33. hello po,dh po ba malaking problema sa akin f mgkuha ako ng passport?kasi po wala akong kahit anong valid id’s….NSO lng po meron ako…..

  34. hello sir/madam
    NSO at ID lng po ba kailangan para makapag apply ng passport at mag kano po pag 1 month ko kukunin at papascedule na po ako kau po ba mag sced kung kekan?

  35. hello po pwede po ba ako maka kuha ng passport im 20 all i have is nso, postal id yung school id ko kasi expired na po hoping to hear from you soon

  36. hello,ask lang po ako if pwd ba ako makakuha ng bagong pasfort khit na bago lang ako nag renew almost 1year na akong naka renew ?kc nasa agency po kc ang pasfort ko ayaw ibigay kc pina medical nila ako tapos biglang hnd na nag reply ung employer.tapos until now wala ng result nag expire narin medical ko.pero di po ako nag bayad ng medical ko sa kanila po un sabi nila pag nag withdraw ako magbabayad ako ng 3,500 sa kanila.kc nga bayad ko raw po sa medical .ang tanong ko po pwd ba ako kumuha ng bagong passfort?

  37. VERY BAD ONLINE APPOINTMENT SYSTEM -They boast world-class but simple resetting of Appointment after legitimate cancellation they could not process. It’s been OVER A WEEK NOW AND I’VE CALLED THEIR HOTLINE ONLY TO BE DENIED OF PHONE APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING I FIRST CLICKED THEIR ONLINE PAGE???

  38. pag po b renewal of passport ok n po b ung nso marriage contrct,nso birthcert at ung expired passport ang requirements n ipasa?tnx po..


  40. hello po,
    gusto ko po sanang kumuha ng passport, ang mayron ako true copy of my birth. and nso. voters id, cedula,sss id, brgy. clearance, police clearance,A-1 FORM .
    ok na po ba ito?

  41. birth and marriage certificate from nso, barangay and police clearance, cedula yan lang meron ako.. tatanggpin ba yan sa dfa? wlang i.d kc puro single pa mga yun.. i need your answers.. thanks

  42. sir ebarrun thank u for this detailed steps 🙂 …unfortunately i was disappointed,this shouldn’t be called “online”… it is misleading… at first i was glad that it was made online.. but as i read the steps i was pokerfaced… it’s not completely online afterall…one must have to appear on dfa still… i guess the gov’t doesn’t learn enough from the teenagers and techies like us… from its name “online application” it should be ” online appointment scheduler”…. but still thank u sir.. hehe at least detalyado .. gang sa mga fixers ahaha

  43. hello po! ask lang po ako anu po ba ang mga requirment pag mag aaply ng passport .17 yrs old palang pa ako mag babakasyon sana ako sa kapatid ko sa singapore . this coming summer.. anu po ba ang mga requirment?


  45. Hi po mag ? Po ako. nag apply po yung Tatay ko ng passport,tapos na receive na po Nya ka so yung problematic May Mali sa name Nya instead na EDUARDO yung nilagay nila is EDUARD lng. Ano po gagawin nmin?

  46. sir, mam god morning im william galagate po ask kulang po nag fill-up po ako ng aplacation for passport hindi pa po na send ung form sa email ku po tnx po

  47. sana naman po meron ganitong process sa cebu.. i hope dfa implements the same process with online arrangement before transaction kasi dito kailangan pang pumila within 3-4am which is really insane but no choice na lang to avoid fixers..

  48. Thank you for writing pages like this. My girlfriend is applying for her new passport this week, they offer a 20-working-days service which is cutting it close to our flight (23 working days), so I really hope they live up to that agreement. They didn’t offer a 10 working days option in Davao.

  49. Good day ok lng po ba na mali ang month ng bday ng anak ko tapos dun ko nlng sa dfa sasabhin na nagkamali ako ng lagay ng month, bukas ang appointment namin ngayon ko lng napa print yung appointment letter kaya ngayon ko lang napansin na mali pala ang month pwede ba un o i cancel ko ulit? Need reply. Asap tnx

  50. hello. my birth certificate has a discrepancy. my gender is not correct instead of female, it turns out to be male. can i still get a passport or what should i need to do with it for me to get a passport?

  51. DFA Davao City a nice firm and a friendly staff. But the security personnel of the DFA Davao City @ SM Ecoland have no manners they provoking applicant to a fight Mr. Terante is the one example of the security that have no manners this kind of security guard must undergo in a Disciplinary Action. We hope that you will choose a security with have a good moral and choose a good agency for a good security. thank you!

  52. Hi ! this was worth the read. By they way, I AM FROM Cebu and I would like to go to DFA manila to process my passport. Is this an option for me or is this limited only to those who live in Luzon?

  53. Hello There! pwede ko bang palitan ung dati kung passport by using my Muslim name this time if ever na gusto kung paplitan thanks…

  54. Hello po pwede po bang i update ang transaction sa DFA davao to manila transaction and add uo ng cash to make it rush? please answer me asap. jan.7 pa kasi ang releasing.

  55. Tanong q lng po, ate q po may schedule appointment for pasporting sa DFA at ang sabi nang interviewer may kapangalan dw cya na may kaso at pinupunta xa sa BID pra hingi nang clearance. At nabigyan nman xa agad nang clearance sa attorney kc nga year 1996 pa ung kaso nang kpangalan nya at lifted na ito. Bumalik xa dun sa DFA pra ipgpatuloy ang appointment nya at I present ang hiningi na clearance pro ang sbi nla kelangan pa dw na mgrequest nang clearance sa manila at halos dw na ngpaparequest mghintay pa dw nang ilang taon bago mkakuha nang passport. Gsto po lng nming mlaman kung may pag asa pa po ba xa na mkakuha nang passport on time. Kung tutuusin di nman tlaga cya ang jmay kaso at nbi clearance nman sya.ano po ba dapat nming gawing hakbang

  56. oh wow thanks very much for this; the dfa website was driving me crazy, i thought i had to almost promise my firstborn…. 😀

    Very very helpful. More than the actual DFA site.

  57. Hello po pwede na po bang mag apply if u have nsao birth certificate school transcript voters certification and one postal I’d okay na po bang requirement to get passport thanks reply po

  58. Ask ko lang po and I need immediate response kumuha po un kapatid ko ng passport last May svi sa DFA lucena 1month processing ngaun po cia pinabalik ala pa daw po sa DFA Lucena nka 1month na po,,,,, bkit ganun tpos pinababalik cia next week more than 1month na un di ba,,,,, bkit napakatagal ng releasing ng passport,,,,,, sa mga AD nman online mabilis ang processing,,,,,,pakifollow up nman po un mga kumuha ng passport nun 2nd week ng May kc po kailangan na po un passport,,,, salamat po

  59. Ask ko lang po kung anu – anu yung pwedeng I’d ..? Kasi TIN ID at bRgy . I’d lang po meron ako ..
    At kong kailangan po ba talaga ng nso kahit original yung hawak ko..?

  60. Dear Sir/maam,
    I just wanted to know according to the passport requirements for 4 years old child thank you appreciate it looking forward to your responce

  61. Hi guys i realy need help,i wanted to get a passport,the problem is,i’m legal adopted in yet i just got my birth certificate and it said that it was delayed,i only have my supporting documents which is the trial court decision of adoption papers and my delayed birth certificate from nso,is it posible that i can use it to get a passport.please tell me what to do so that i can get a passport..

  62. hi, i want to ask if how can i can i get a passport if the last name that i used is not the last name in my BC? is that possible?

  63. hello tanung Ko lang po meron na po ako contract to work abroad pero wala pa po ako passport at pinagmamadali na po nila ako magkaroon ngpunta po ako with my live in partner walk in sa dfa main aseana pero kelangan pa po tlga mag set ng appointment wala po bang easiest way to have a passport masyado pong matagal ung schedule online November pa po ang available time nila sobra pong tagal nun .. tnx po

  64. I have my confirmation from dfa online system..kaya lang na notice ko mali ang nalagay kong place of birth…possible kaya ayusin sya online or sa site na mismo? or do I have to reshced..thank u po

  65. Pa help naman po . I already got my confirmation from the DFA pero napansin ko po mali yung nalagay ko na maiden name. Pano po yun? Ano po pwede ko gawin dun ?

  66. Sir/Ma’am:
    Good eve!
    I, ESAH A. IBRAHIM requesting my application code to sent it via email at ibrahim.esah@yahoo.com. I already register my passport application at dfa online on March 13 in the evening but until now I did not received yet my application code the chosen schedule & place falls on April 8, at 12-13pm at DFA Cagayan de Oro City. This is my 3rd request on this page. I requested my in-law in the name of Raosemarie Vallar she brought with her my authorization letter to personally follow up my application code in DFA Cagayan de Oro but the informer there told her to let Esah A. Ibrahim to keep on messaging via online because she had no access about it due to many clients she served the scheduled will be sooner and I cannot re apply for online passport because it was already exist. I look forward to please sent me my application code in my email or in my cel no. 09121699927… please sent it…

  67. SNA po mblis pg process ng passport kc need me po dis July work abroad sna deliver nlng PRA mblis dito add.zone3 Boclod,Sanjose.Cam.Sur

  68. Good day po ask ko lng if kung pwede o pano po ako mkakapag renew ng passport ko wala npo lng available slots hope to hear from you po thanks

  69. Good evening po.ask ko lang po need na kc ng byanan ko mgrenew ng passport kase kakauwi nya lang galing jeddah.paexpired na yung passport nya sa may.pero feb balik nya, san kaya sya pwede kumuha ng paasport kase lahat yta ng pwedeng magpareserve e puno na yung slot..pahelp nmn po guys kng saan pwede kumuha.maraming salamat sa ssgot

  70. Hello po ask ko lng nagkaroon ako ng problema sa birthcertificate ko nung kumuha ako ng passport kaya sabi nung staff ayusin ko muna daw kaya hindi ako nakakuha nung time na yun it was November 7 yung schedule ko pero now naayos ko na yung birth certificate ko inabot nga lang isang buwan pwede po ba akong pumunta ng dfa para kumuha ng passport kahit lipas na yung araw need ko na tlg ng passport fully book na lahat pwede ko po bang follow up yung pag kuha ko ng passport..

  71. Magandang araw po,pwd po bang hindi ko Muna kukunin ang passport ko sa exact date na binigay ng DFA,kasi may work Pa poh ako…

  72. Gusto ko lang po itanong if kailangan ko pa bang i renew ang passport ko dto sa saudi since exit na rin naman na ako sa july? Kasi mgeexpire na ang passport ko sa nov. 7 2018.. pls. I need an answer.

  73. Goodmorning po,hihingi po sana,ako ng tulong para makakuha ulit ng passport ang kaibigan ko na nasa doha qatar dahil nawala po ang passport nya,ang poblema po wala po sya mga original documents na kaylangan dun….ano po dapat gawin….salamat po

  74. Good day!
    ma’am/sir ask lang po kung paano po mag apply ng new passport? ano po yong proceso para maka apply

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