Sun Cellular Facebook Zero for Android Smart Phones


Some Android phone users are getting some difficulty accessing the free version of Facebook for mobile.  I’ve been using Samsung Punch for Facebook zero on a Sun Cellular network, and am not getting any problems aside from the slow connection of course.

Now that I got the new Samsung Galaxy Y Young that is running on Android, I also got some problems connecting to Facebook zero. I don’t know if anyone has done this, I accessed the mobile site using the this URL and its working fine but it I know that it will cost me for the data charges. Then I add a number zero after the m and it worked, so I’m sharing this to you guys if your having the same issues. Here is the URL for reference and to avoid confusion.

This would probably work on any Android smart phones like iPhone using a browser, it won’t work using the Facebook app for Android.  Although it connect using Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) of Sun Cellular, Smart subscribers can also try this out.


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      1. am starting to use samsung galaxy ace.. and using that url add photos already dnt know if there are any charges on it.. still need to w8 for the billing to come to check

    1. I have spoken to a sun cellular staff a couple of weeks ago and stated that android phones accessing will automatically have a charge.

      If you typed in, it will be redirected to if you are using Android.

  1. i just got galaxy y but i dont know how to activate my GPRS… I cant use it in browsing also… I got sun network..Please help me… thanks

    1. you need to have a wifi connection first in a wifi hotspot..set it up. then, go to samsung application. go to android market. and get the facebook application for free.

  2. i want configuration settings for my mobile to open face mobile unit is iphone 4 apple….plz i cnt find how to get it!!!!   plzzz help me..!!!!!

  3. I’m a sun cellular user but I can’t use my phone thru phone is samsung punch..i’ve used sun prepaid before and 0.facebook worked..but now that im already a postpaid user, i cant access the internet anymore specially 0.facebook..i’ve configured everythin..followed the manual configurations and all..what’s wrong? helllllllllllppppppppppppp :C

  4. hello! I do not understand why I can’t see Data Enabled. I am using HTC ChaCha. It’s Android Gingerbread. I only see Data roaming, Data Roaming Sound, Access Point Names, Network Mode, Network Operators, and Enable always-on mobile data. 🙁 I can’t access Facebook Zero…. why? 🙁 Please help!! Thank you!

  5. sir/mam can you help me in my handset configuration. my unit is Sony ericsson w8 walkman. i’m a suncellular prepaid user and i want to access facebookzero but i can’t. can you give me instruction. so that i can follow. thanks. 

  6. i got my phone andriod how to access a facebook zero some help please im using sun sim i dont know lso how to activated for all i know i use wlan before but i need to install facebookzero

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