Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT- S5360 Hands on Review

Samsung Galaxy Y

I haven’t done any product reviews but there are a lot of inquiries about this promising mobile phone so here’s the hands on review of the Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT- S5360 or Galaxy Young. Just weeks after the release in the Philippines last October 15, I ditched my old Samsung Punch and got this Android smart phone. I will list it in order base on my preferences.

This is a matter of preference on the form factor, the candy bar like design can suit both gender. Unlike some designs that are too rounded, I find it more suited for the ladies. The silver black casing adds elegance and the textures hides the quality of plastic material. It also protects the back from scratches.

Display and Performance
The small screen size of 3.0” 256K capacitive TFT Display at 240 x 320 pixels, the quality is just like an upgrade to my Samsung Punch while other galaxy models like Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Mini has brighter, clear and crispier graphic displays. The 832 MHz processor is good enough to power this phone, sliding apps with ease though sometimes takes time to load if lot of applications are open.

The Android Marketplace has 300,000 apps to choose from both with free and paid apps. The fastest and easiest way to download applications is by using the handset connected to the internet though Wi-Fi. In case you’re charging the phone you can download using a desktop computer or laptop and the applications will be downloaded later. A Gmail account is needed to access the Android market.

One thing I don’t like smartphones is the battery life, this is an exception if you use a lot of applications and still running in the background. It only last for me for a day, with some internet browsing and games. I’m a Sun Cellular user so I make a lot of long phone calls. Installing an application named Juice Defender will somehow help increase the battery life. Kill unwanted running applications in the background with its built in task manager.

I found the audio a bit unpowered unlike other phones that has a crisp sound even during loud speaker mode. Listening to music using earphones is the next best thing with its 5.1 surround sound support. Glad that it has a 3.5mm audio jack and not the USB type.

Equipped with 2 megapixels and 15fps video recording, it has a decent quality photos and videos good for posting in social networks but not for print. Low light performance did not meet any of my expectations. Some samples are taken during sunny days except the candles and the Chowking food chain .

Samsung Galaxy Y Sample PhotoSamsung Galaxy Y Sample Photo

Samsung Galaxy Y Sample PhotoSamsung Galaxy Y Sample Photo


This is a small phone so if you have big hands, you have to get used to it. The virtual keyboard is also really small; I found it hard to type even with the SWYPE feature. But the small size perfectly fits on my pocket.

I’ve been looking for a cheap android phone for a long time here in the Philippines then this came and the first thing that catches my attention was the price. It’s an entry level phone, reasonably priced at P5990 but there’s a forecast that the prices will go up since this is only an introductory price. The current market price is not bad at all for an android smart phone with a descent specs. As the nickname says, it’s intended for the young people who want a galaxy series phone that can fit their budget. I can’t find any demo unit at the time of writing.

The screen protector is hard to find at this time, what I did is cut off the sides of the screen protector intended for the iPhone just to fit. But I did regret it later when the sides started to peel off.  I’ve been waiting for the call of the store for the free art wraps, still no SMS receive yet.

Having all those features and of course the price, its worth to have this as your first Android phone.

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  1. Thank you about the information,but i will like to ask you if you know how i can use my memory card and can i use the songs from her to incoming calls.thank you a lot

          1. i got the same problem. i already lose P100 without knowing what is the problem. can i just ask of what is data network mode? what are its functions that deducts load? thanks

  2. how can i use the free internet of that phone…i am a smart subscriber and i already set the configuration and on the gprs but still it is not working…i also try the other network like sun and globe…but nothing changed…asap…

    1.  where did you buy the phone? if through smart that must be unlock to be used with other network. are you referring to the FREE Facebook zero or the internet access in general?

      1. Hi Eburrun, I just like to ask if it’s good to have an antivirus app in this phone,or it’s fine not to have one? If it’s better to have one, then what, in your opinion, is the best antivirus app that is for free or one that’s paid? Thank you so much! 🙂

        1.  There are some reports of apps in the android market that has malware
          and maybe your own files downloaded might be infected. Right now I’m
          using the AVG free antivirus it automatically scan every installation.
          it notifies me for security settings that is prone to vulnerability.

  3. Beware: Bought a SAMSUNG GALAXY Y GT-S5360 4days back and my serious advice to all would be to STAY (miles) AWAY from this product! Throwing money down the drain will give you better satisfaction than buying this pathetic gadget. The phone with a full charge gives 6 HOURS of battery backup. Went to the dealer, and he suggests shutting down MOST default applications that the phone came loaded with to increase standby time. They also offer to replace the battery – Great! A 4 Day old product needs a battery replacement. Wished I had checked online reviews about the phone before buying this damned product. Save yourself the pain – DO NOT BUY THE PHONE!

    1. SAME HERE!!! Bought this a day ago and havent been able to make any call or text because of this call barring shit which the fone has no settings for. Gonna return it tomorrow :/

    2. u know how to fix thaT? just use the necessary applications. use it when you need it. when you’re battery get’s warm, rest it for a while, and when it’s cool again, do what you want to do.  VICE VERSA

    3. What do you expect from cheap android phone just turn of the network connection but my phone battery only last for 24+ hours the good thing with this phone is it has many games ( if you like gaming and first time android user this phone is good for you

      1. Can anyone tell how long it takes for the battery to charge full. In my case it doesn’t even after 12 hours of charging

          1. play store from market right ?
            it is automatic update
            do check the difference between the old market and the new play store.. 

    4. Hey men, mine works fine no problems and improved by well picked apps and antivirus well idk how you use it but it seems fine to me

    1. lol go to myfiles then create there a folder “Media” Open Media Folder then create there a folder ” Notifications” after that move or copy your fav tones to this folder.. then try to change messgae alert tones,, it will appears… thats it

  4. hi! can u help me! how could i surf the internet using my load in my phone galaxy young i am using a tm sim… because everytime i click on internet icon and type the url of facebook it always says that the web address is transferred…but it deducted my load balance… wat wud i do?

    1. when you buy a load before this.. you must turn off your pocket data…..go to settings>wireless and networks> mobile networks then uncheck pocket data then try to load…
      if you want to register unlimited for 1 day just type SUPERSURF50 then send to 8888
      then try to turn on your pocket data in the same procedure check pocket data….

  5. hi ebarrun pls do help me… i want to surf facebook using my phone and my load. but i cant surf it only says that address had trnsferred… but it deducted my load automatically. wat would i do?

  6. I don’t know for you but the phone is good enough for me.Battery can last very long if you go to settings–>Wireless and networks–>Mobile networks and then deactivate “Use packet data”, when you want to surf just turn it on again and it will work just perfectly.The only thing I didn’t like is the speaker it’s not loud enough for me…

  7. turn off  google services framework,  battery life lasts 2 days. mostly used for calls txting, and games. i dont surf the net with it too busy at work.also use advance app killer. if you dont want your phone donate it

  8. fuck! why doesn’t it have connection? don’t have WiFi, but i have an internet connection through my network, smart network. how to fix this fucking problem? 

    1. go to setting, wireless connections, mobile networks, then open packet data. i think its like that, In Galaxy Ace its like that. 🙂


  10. I also believe the statements of below guys am also facing same problem with this mobile, battery backup… even though i have kept for full charge then also it is giving only 6-7hrs……  I can tell damn xure that for business persons it cant suits try for another mobile….

  11.  my samsung market is not opening it is showing as no connection in wi-fi…… how i want to open my market in samsung mobile

  12. a phil. gov’t agency gave me the device two weeks ago. when I put in some of my favorite music in the music folder, other songs that I didn’t put played and overlapped the songs I put in the device. On messages, it doesn’t give the user a report on whether your text message was sent, nor is there an outbox and “sent” folder. At the side of a “sent failed” message willappear the word “failed,” but there is no button that says “resend” or “retry” so you have to retype your message and look for the addressee again in the “contacts” box, but what about if you are replying directly to a contact that has not been saved?  

    1. you just have to long press the “failed” message.. options will pop up, asking you to resend, edit, delete, etc…

      think you are better than the one who engineer this? think again…

  13. i am registered to unlimited net surfing but can’t access only works using wi-fi connection…do i still have to fix some settings on my Galaxy Y?? pls help…

  14. hi. just want to know how to connect internet from my phone? can i surf online eventhough no wifi, or just load only? i want answers. thant you.

  15. I’m not able to see the options to edit the contacts & messages…..anybody know how to edit the contacts & message settings ??

        1. is there a feature that can block messages from a selected number and unblock it if you want messages to go through again?

    1. ows really? used app2sd so that all apps installed on your phone system will move to sd…. then try to top Task Manager then top Ram den clear memory…….

  16.  galaxy young for me is amazing. if u know how to use it then the fon will work. my battery last up to 2 days even if i surf, play games, call, txt. 

      1. Me too i realy love it.. i know how to configure anything… i love it.. i have a lot of games, android type,( angry birds, avatar, text twist, penoy henyo, racing car, many more..)java type,(racing car many more) even family computer i have emulator (tetris,super mario bro., super tank, bomberman, twin bee.etc.) gameboy i hAVE TOO. gooftroop.. my fav.? of course my sms fonts i used for ongoing greedy spider fonts. outgoing, crazy crazy font.. i used SmsGo love it.. on my system fonts? of course cheri.ttf  

      1. go to my files. then create a folder named “Media” on your sd card then
        Open Media folder after created. then create again inside the Media
        Folder “Notifications” then after that copy all your fav. tones and
        paste to the folder created inside “Notifications” then go to sms
        settings select ringingtone it will appears… for call tones open your
        fav. tones then settings select use as ringtones thats it

  17. when i long press power button.. it only shows. Silent mode.. Flight mode.. Power off.. there’s no internet connection.. 🙁 pls help me.. ican’t activate my packet data.. 

    1. try to config this.. go to
      >Wireless and Networks
      >mobile networks
      >access point name
       new APN

      set this
      name: myGlobe Internet
      leave the others

      apn type: internet

      then save
      then use this as default… den try to open web den refresh

  18. FOR ME: SAMSUNG GALAXY Y GT-S5360 is a cheapest android phone, and its cool. i already familiarized with my phone setup how to personalize text msgs., call msgs, individual notification, how to download games, apps, and even hard configuration i knew it.

        1. My samsung galaxy y is great! I too have customized it to my liking. One thing that bugs me though is the mms settings. I’m a globe postpaid user and I find it very hard to receive mms. I already sent “GO” to 2951 to download the settings for my phone but they said it’s not compatible. Would you know what to do?:) if you can email me at, that would be great.:)

          1. bella yah there’s no available setting from 2951.. but there’s a manual configuration. try this
            try to config this.. go to
            >Wireless and Networks
            >mobile networks
            >access point name
             new APN

            set this
            name: myGlobe Internet
            leave the others

            apn type: internet

            then save
            then use this as default… den try to open web den refresh 

      1. jane go to my files. then create a folder named “Media” on your sd card then Open Media folder after created. then create again inside the Media Folder “Notifications” then after that copy all your fav. tones and paste to the folder created inside “Notifications” then go to sms settings select ringingtone it will appears… for call tones open your fav. tones then settings select use as ringtones thats it

  19. feeling F**ked up, got a Galaxy Y a week ago…can’t connect to internet nor mms. Went to Maxis, only got a bad service and still nothing is solved. Please help.

    1. try to config this.. go to
      >Wireless and Networks
      >mobile networks
      >access point name
       new APN

      set this
      name: myGlobe Internet
      leave the others

      apn type: internet

      then save
      then use this as default… den try to open web den refresh

  20. Yes very true and Mr. Kay kay is wright. I did the same bought a SAMSUNG GALAXY Y GT S5360. What shocked me was battery consuption,Cause in less than six hours the battery was gone. When I went back to check with the dealer was told the same thing ” close some applications ” and funny enough the applications that needs to be closed are almost all. Then the question comes,” if I have to close most of the application then what is the need for me to buy this phone? my pride should be in applying every feature in the phone and note to close some.”

    1. you don’t have to uninstall ur apps, you just have to close them =) u can still open them but yeah its a hassle closing almost all the apps every time u open ur phone.. and startup managers are just additional battery drain.. but considering the price, i’d say its worth it if u know how to use it

  21. This Android phone suite my expectation. It is thin, small and responsive touch screen. Spending your money with this one is Economical. 

    I highly recommend this Android phone for those who are young at age and young at heart.

  22. -im ok with the samsung galaxy y., but im having a problem with it ryt now, i cant suddenly connect to wifi., i dnt know why., last thursday i can still connect to wifi but after 2 days im having problem., i mean i can see that there is a strong signal of he wifi on my phone but when im browsing to some webs i cant connect to any sites., what seems to be the prob on my phone?? pls anyone hu cud help me?

  23. Hi I bought the phone few days ago .I don’t know how to perate not only this phonea wifi connecting phone
    Till now I don’t know .and whenever I call it has been struck .

  24. I bought my samsung galaxy  y 1 week ago, but i cannot save the messages.. Will you pls. help me.. Thank u very much and more power.

    1. i think what u mean is you cant view your old sim card messages.. go to messages, press menu, select settings and scroll down to manage sim card messages.. it will show your old sim card messages.. if you press menu again you will have the option to copy your sim card messages to your phone messages.. it will then appear in conversations.. say thanks =)

  25. well, i still have problem with the wi-fi. it can not work. i type the setting, it got connection. but when i try to surf, it says ” no connection”. can you help me on this please? thank you 

  26. The worst piece of junk I have ever seen. I bought this pile of rubbish in Kuala Lumpur and can’t bring it back. I went back to my old phone and I recommend you stay away from this.

  27. i have a samsung galaxy, but its locked.i don’t know how to open it needs a username and password..what should i do?

  28. Im also a suncellular subscriber but the thing is Im having a hard time configuring the settings for GPRS. I hope that you can help me with this. Thanks

  29. the most stupid gadget ever.. i actvtd paswrd n vhen i retype to pass through i was not accepting  that… how could i forgot my passwrd in 30 sec.. pllzzz save ur money .. DONT BUY ITT..

  30. hey guyz!!!! pls help me on how to recover my phone because i forgot my google account. because last saturday my brother use my phone then it was lock using many pattern that he attempt to draw. after that, it flash into the screen that too many pattern attempts and to unlock the phone, i must sign in to my google account but i forgot and i tried it once to sign in my google account last year. so what would i do to recover my username and password?. hayzzzzzzzzzz 

  31. This has to be the worse piece of junk on the market. It is impossible to get numbers. It loses your data and it has no mind whatsoever. Run a mile. “Smart phone”. This thing is thick. Give me back my 10 year old Nokia.

  32. cant access my gmail on my phone even im connecting to wi-fi bkit stress nko dito sa binili ko na galaxy y i thought easy access ato ano ang my problem ung unit q please help mr

    1. if pocket data is on… hold the power button and tap the data network mode… and also update your gmail from your phone… or email….. gets…. if you can’t do this on your own you better to buy a 3310… no hassle 

  33. per favore cosa devo fare per potere fare riconoscere al mio galaxy yang il titolo di una canzone che stò ascoltando alla radio?grazie

  34. hayts…i can’t open my phone coz i forgot the pattern i made….it was already blocked..can someone tell me what to do??i already tried gmail….hay..



  37. how many hours should we recharge galaxy y……why soo soon itz bettery gets down……how should i save my bettery…any nice software for this….and is it graphics are different from galaxy mini,ace,gio….??? i find my mob graphics different…plz help me…..???:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(

  38. recharging would take 2 hours. to save your battery always check your task manager and kill the running process you don’t need. I’m using an app Easy Battery Saver, you can try it. The graphics is not that high like the galaxy mini, ace or gio and with the price range you get what you pay for.

  39. hi! how will i reset my pattern if i cannot open my phone or go to the settings due to forget pattern? help pls.

  40. i just bought this gt 5360 phone and ive been looking for the “drafts” that my phone is saying cause i have a failed text sent how can i resend my text message or forward a text message or even retry to send a failed send message?

  41. i brought this phone for mpay as you go and it took me Eight calls to my network provider to find out that my phone would still recognise me as being on the internet even yhough i wasnt. the network provider explained that because it was a android smartphone this was always the case. but i lost over sixty quid in two days because of this mobile phone without knowing it. in a word crap android phone ever. will never buy a samsung again!!

  42. I have issues when you connect you phone to a charger, the touch mechanism seems to go bonkers! but when I disconnect the charger it seems to work fine. got the same issues?

  43. The only thing I hate about this phone is the battery. Exactly, it only lasts for a day. I keep on charging and sometimes, I just bring a charger with me in case it gets low battery. I downloaded battery saver but still, you can use it for a day. It’s hard to have a phone like this esp. when I’m at school, I always need to text or call with my family and friends. Kinda disappointing but the features are all great anyway.

  44. Battery is also my problem, but they say that it’s because my background data is enabled, so i turned it off.. Still observing if it really works. By the way, is turning the background data when in market consumes load? I’ve been charged with a 31pesos internet in my plan bill? I can’t figure out if it was during the time i opened the market and downloaded games (I was using then wi-fi connection) or it was the time my packet data was on.

  45. i couldn’t access my android market place, it’s always saying connection error or tine out something even if i’m connected to the net or WIFI…how can i get access to it??? thanks in advance

  46. help! i cant make calls with my galaxy Y.. i found out in the call barring settings that all outgoing calls are disabled. i tried to enable it, however, im having an error: call barring is rejected. please help! 🙁

  47. My samsung galaxy y cannot connect to internet,i just register i50 for one day unlimited.
     what should i do?i have already activated data network mode,but it still not working.Someone help?.

  48. Plese can somebody help me!! how how can I turn off interactice tkt i think it called? it keeps trying to spell words for me while trying to typre a text  message and also when i am trying to find a contact.

  49. I bought the samsung galaxy y young gt-s5360  in march. May i think it is in june  my smart mobile gives the trouble.Later i went the service center they told need to change the mother board. k fine once we can excuse it again it is same way in septmber again they told need to change mother board. Actually i didnt get how many times i can replace the mother board in year damn the fucking mobile gives a lot trouble n waste my time dont purchase samsung mobiles how can i trust to purchase tablet like products waste of money  n waste of time 

    1.  you need to download Samsung Kies then connect the phone using the supplied USB cable also you need to update the drivers, if you got some errors get back here. Hope this helps.

  50. I cant get my messages its always telling that no enough space,i have had this phone for about 5months and no sms either coming to my phone or sending out,and i cant seem to the SD card memory it only uses the phone memory.Can someone help please please please!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Ellah,

      you need to delete temporary files or uninstall some programs that you don’t need to free up some space. Go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications> select the programs like Gmail then tap clear data and clear cache.

  51. Hi, please help me. I just got this smartphone last week, and I have a question. I wrote an sms to a friend, that was message size 1kb. I tried to send it, but it kept showing the message “sending”, but never sent the message. I tried many more times, and still the same thing happened. What did I do wrong? I still have the message along with other (short) messages that I wrote to my friend and it´s still written “sending”. I don´t want to start writing a new sms. Where/how can I access “saved or draft messages”? I can see this sms that was not sent when I go to the sent messages to my friend. It´s there, though it wasn´t sent, and cannot be forwarded either.

  52. please help! I transferred some of my photos to samsung galaxy y kies library but the problem is the resolution and the photo size was changed and when i uploaded the photos it was so small(thumbnail size) and the original file of the photos can’t be found. I did not delete the files in the first place, all i did was to transfer it to my library. And one thing, there’s an orange exclamatory point icon beside the original photos in the library, what does it mean?

  53. hi I have problem with my samsung galaxy y. I can’t make an outgoing calls? Does anyone here have this experiece before? I have no problem receiving calls or text, in fact i can text someone. but the big problem here is making outgoing calls. Please any input on this matter is welcome.

    Thanks in advance… 🙂

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