Woothemes Thumbnail Test

After the latest update of Woo Framework to version 4 the thumbnails are not working properly, in some way distorted. I haven’t done any posts last week, I’ve been trying to fix the thumbnail issues. I noticed the thumbnail distortion to my previous post and I have to replace it, WordPress generated a new thumbnail and its working great.

Using the FREE Skeptical theme from Woo Themes for a long time so updating the Woo Framework is something to look forward with security and feature enhancement. Thought it was a good practice to update everything, not at all really when things like this happened. Now I got it fixed so I can start posting but I will tell you first how I got it working.

Played with the settings in the theme options from the image resizer and timthumb plugin with no results. I then downloaded the latest version of the theme from WooThemes with the framework version 4 but still the thumbnail issue is not fix. Luckily I got an old version with Woo Framework 3 and it’s working now. Woo Themes does not offer support for the free themes,  just hope that they found a solution for this.



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