Instagram For Android Not Working In Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT- S5360

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I’ve just installed the newly released Instagram for Android App today on my Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT- S5360 that occupied 16.59MB of space in the limited internal memory. The popular photo application for iPhone  and other Apple products like iPad, iPod is now ported to the Android OS. This will give a new user base to Instagram. Sorry to spoil the excitement of Samsung Galaxy Y users, the Instagram application is currently not working properly.

The experience will progress from downloading the app properly from Google Play. You may find it unusual with its large file space for a photo app, installing would be going smoothly, signing up would be easy as 123, following other users/friends from other social networks like Facebook and twitter adds to the excitement of sharing the photos in a while after all of those steps… Ended with the disappointment  to start in adding effects/filters  and the uploading of the photos to the social networks with just a black or blank photo. At least border can be be seen around it, but it doesn’t compensate the failure, I guess.

This is just the the first release of Instagram for Android and I’m hoping there will be a fix to it on the next update. Though I’m aware that Instagram use OpenGL 2.2 and Galaxy Y has OpenGL 1.1. As for me and everyone else, waiting will be the best thing to do.


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  1. Just downloaded and found out that it isn’t working right. which lead me to your blog. Pls email me like the others if you find out that its running fine alread. Thanks

  2. I was so disappointed when i found out that instagram is not working with samsung galaxy y because I’ve been waiting for this app since forever and now, all i have is a blank or black photo. This is a part of the Android family, the developer should do something with this.

  3. yeah me too! I was so excited knowing that Instagram is already in Android. But as everyone says, it doesn’t work and all I can see is a black image in posting a picture. They should do something about it, because there are a lot of people using Samsung Galaxy Y phones. Thank you!

  4. i thought i was the only one experiencing that problem with my Samsung Galaxy Y. 🙁 please keep me posted when you discover a solution for this. 

  5. I’m using instagram on my iOS device and I decided to install it on my Android device as well. But to my surprise, it isn’t working properly. All the things stated in this write-up are all true. Booo!

  6. the same with me, blank black photo, i uninstall it then i will install it again but its not in google play anymore

    1.  Instagram for android is now version 1.02 unfortunately Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT-S5360 is now unsupported. Facebook just bought Instagram so lets hope that our phone will be added on the list of supported Android devices.

  7. I just want to clear that, Samsung Galaxy Y has met the requirements to run Instagram.

    It has Android 2.3 and using Quadrant Standard (a benchmarking app for 3D, GPU etc), the GPU of Galaxy Y has OpenGL ES 2.0. 

    You check it out for your self. Quadrant is free.

  8. How sad that instagram is not working in galaxy y. I also hope that they can do something for this. I’ve been waiting and expecting this much from before.

  9. Instagram is working on my phone (Samsung Galaxy Y- GT S5360) but some of my photos were like scrambled. It’s free on Google Play but is there any update?

  10.  i was so excited about this app, but after 3 uploads it didnt work anymore… so disappointed. hope they can fix it soon.

  11. awts.  i’m planning to buy samsung galaxy y pa naman kasi gusto ko rin etong instagram app na to. wala na ba talagang pag-asa na magwork ang instagram sa samsung galaxy y? how about dun sa samsung s5233?

  12. Follow this step if u don’t want to upload 
    1. download instagram and screenshot from google play. 
    2. if u have completing finishing downloading instagram and screenshot open instagram and select a picture u wanna edit. 
    3. u’ll see what kind of effect do u want 
    4. before uploading press switch app button and go to screenshot 
    5. u can see there are somthing like three options 
        Select Shakethe phone to take a screenshot
    6. go to instagram what pic u were uploading 
    7. Shake ur Galaxy Y and the screen will be captured
    8. After Capturing it. Go to Gallery and Select Screen Capture, crop the picture of instargram option

    Please go through this Steps it will help you

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