The Wait Is Over For Instagram For Android Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT- S5360

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The wait indeed is over for the Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT- S5360 users like me, Instagram for Android is now working smoothly. The latest version of Instagram is 1.0.6 and now has a smaller file size of 12MB. The application automatically moved the installation directory to the external storage, mine is a 2GB microSD, when installed it only reads 3.45MB.

The photo used in this post is my first working Instagram post with two effects combined by going back after one effect is applied, try it to your photos and get the effects you want. Now join the hype of Instagram and be the next proud user with the acquisition of Facebook expect more integration in the social network giant.

15 Replies to “The Wait Is Over For Instagram For Android Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT- S5360”

  1. how did you combine the effects? i only use the available features. i hope they would include features just like in iPhone.

  2. san po pede i download yung instagram? kc nagbasa ako ng nmga comments sa google play hnd man daw nagwowork yung application sa galaxy y ;(

  3. hi ebarrun, i have your same mobile phone, and had the same problem with instagram, but now i downloaded the last upgrade and isn’t working anyway. Did you change something on the phone too? Or did you just downloaded the last version of instagram and worked fine? 

      1. thanks for your reply, i tried several time to uninstall and download the new version but there is always the same problem, black image instead of your shot…i guess i will go on with pixlr

          1.  hi! how about if it’s v2.3.5 (gingerbread) ?? is it still gonna work? im planning to buy a galaxy y and would like to have IG on it. i wonder if its gonna work though

  4. everytime I upload a photo, it’s always failed. installed,uninstalled,installed the new version, but still it’s the same. FAILED. already check my settings to my phone, version 2.3.6 and 
    gingerbread dxla1, what shall I do now? 🙁

  5. Still not working. >_< (now version 1.1.7; mobile version 2.3.6 with build number the same as you. ) :(((((((((((((

  6. bakit hindi applicable ang instagram sa sgy ko…hindi kon rin ma search ang application sa play store..tsk! help i want it so bad. 🙁

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