Tips on Communicating with the Senators of the 15th congress of the Philippines

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A great find on how to contact the Senators of the 15th congress of the Philippines is on Github, I suppose the guy behind this is a web developer. He compiled all the communication channels of the Senators like mailing address, phone numbers, emails and website. The cool thing I like is the issue tracker that he can update it with history, another creative way of using Github.

This tips can help you get a better result in fighting for the CyberCrime Law and not just by shouting out, burst out anger. If there is anything you can add in this list feel free to do so.

  • When sending emails, make sure to send it to all the listed email addresses for each senator. You can’t be sure which ones are active and which ones aren’t.
  • Refrain from sending hate mail and other forms of personal attacks. These will not help. Consider making constructive criticism instead, and communicating why the issue is important to you.
  • If you get bounced emails or wrong numbers, leave a comment on the issue tracker so I can update this list.
  • If a senator here has no Facebook page linked, it probably means that any Facebook pages you’ll find associated with them are fake/unofficial.
  • Try to contact them through more than one medium. Facebook posts alone will not be very effective; try to at least send snail mail to their Senate office addresses. A face-to-face meeting (if you can manage it!) will have a better potential than a letter; a letter, more than a phone call; a phone call, more than an e-mail or FB/Twitter post.
  • Encourage your friends to send letters as well. The more people send in their concerns, the more you can convince senators (and their staff) that the issues you raise are relevant to their constituents.
  • When sending emails/letters:
    • Address the senators, even if your letter is most likely going to be read by his/her staff.
    • Address the senators by their full name (eg, Sen. Vicente Sotto III), not their popular name (eg, Tito Sotto).
  • When you call:
    • Direct lines are usually better than trunk lines.
    • Say your name, where you’re from, and what you’re calling about. For example: “ako po si Rico Sta Cruz mula sa Makati city. Tumatawag po ako tungkol sa isyu ng _____.”
    • Try to ask the staffer about the senator’s stance on the issue you’re calling about.
    • follow up with an email.

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