Firefox: Browsing Made Better, 8 Years and Counting

Happy Birthday Firefox or Maligayang Kaarawan Firefox in Tagalog as we celebrate today around the world or depending on the timezone of course.

The hashtag for Twitter is #FxTurns8, you can also use it in Flickr for your photos celebrating the event today. Use this avatar image for different social media like Facebook and the like. We have a Twibbon campaign to spread in Twitter and Facebook, also if you’re on Tumblr you can reblog or follow this post.  Please feel free to localize messages and post any language posts on the Tumblr. If you’re a fan of Firefox make sure to participate!

We will have a birthday party on Monday, November 12 in Valero Park Makati City at 6:00 pm with other Mozillians and volunteers. Also we have a special guest from Mozilla US to discuss about WebFWD an incubator for open source startup project. So see you there guys!

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