The Wait Is Over For Instagram For Android Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT- S5360

Goldilocks Adobo Meal

The wait indeed is over for the Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT- S5360 users like me, Instagram for Android is now working smoothly. The latest version of Instagram is 1.0.6 and now has a smaller file size of 12MB. The application automatically moved the installation directory to the external storage, mine is a 2GB microSD, when installed it only reads 3.45MB.

The photo used in this post is my first working Instagram post with two effects combined by going back after one effect is applied, try it to your photos and get the effects you want. Now join the hype of Instagram and be the next proud user with the acquisition of Facebook expect more integration in the social network giant.

New Possibilities for Instagram, a Windows Phone Perhaps?

Instagram Logo (Stylized)

Still hot on the news of Instagram for Android’s release now comes Facebook sealing the deal with Instagram.

For anyone else, who hasn’t heard about Instagram, it is both an application and a social network that enables mobile users to easily apply filters and post photos. In a branding perspective it has a hipterish-retro look and feel.

The popular photo-sharing site, Instagram, was offered to be bought by Facebook for $1billion. Maybe this is how a very talented person like Mark Zuckerberg would have to react after spotting a real talent from the team that developed Instagram, and asked them to join him on Facebook. The two parties made it a point that they wouldn’t just incorporate everything on the social network, rather keep and further develop Instagram’s advantages, now even more with Facebook’s strong engineering team and resources.

The application would still keep the same people you followed and those who followed you before the transition and you’d still be able to share to other social networks. The switch would really be an advantage to Facebook when it comes to the photo social scene.

So much of a sweet talk, I think the tie up would have the users sign in with their Facebook account instead of what used to be their Instagram’s. The application is only available to iPhone and recently to Android, Facebook making a huge investment on it makes me wonder on how they’re planning to make a huge profit on this deal as well. I think Windows phone will be next on their list.

I’ll stick out for the next few months and if I see people ditching Instagram, it would indicate that Facebook failed them. I doubt it. Still I wish many a happy returns to Instagram’s developers, Devin Systrom and Mike Krieger for making their way to today’s highly competitive tech niche.

Woothemes Thumbnail Test

After the latest update of Woo Framework to version 4 the thumbnails are not working properly, in some way distorted. I haven’t done any posts last week, I’ve been trying to fix the thumbnail issues. I noticed the thumbnail distortion to my previous post and I have to replace it, WordPress generated a new thumbnail and its working great.

Using the FREE Skeptical theme from Woo Themes for a long time so updating the Woo Framework is something to look forward with security and feature enhancement. Thought it was a good practice to update everything, not at all really when things like this happened. Now I got it fixed so I can start posting but I will tell you first how I got it working.

Played with the settings in the theme options from the image resizer and timthumb plugin with no results. I then downloaded the latest version of the theme from WooThemes with the framework version 4 but still the thumbnail issue is not fix. Luckily I got an old version with Woo Framework 3 and it’s working now. Woo Themes does not offer support for the free themes,  just hope that they found a solution for this.



Why Google Buzz is Going Away, But Your Posts Are Yours to Keep

As I log in to my gmail account just by now, I was greeted with this notification what a big surprise. Just like having Google buzz in the first place that I am not aware of. The service is on the way of shutting it down.Why?  I’ve read some news that it has legal issues for invasion of privacy. This is one thing I don’t like about Google, creating products then all of a sudden it will be discontinued.

In a few weeks we’ll be retiring Google Buzz. At that time you won’t be able to create any new posts, but your existing content will remain accessible in two ways:

  1. You can view it on your Google Profile
  2. You can download it using Google Takeout

Thank you for using Google Buzz.

They got  good products like the email service Gmail, I find better than the other competitors. I’m  just hoping now that it will continue to serve me in the lifetime.