How To Prepare For A Trip To Vietnam

Vietnam "La natura e la cultura del Vietnam"

On a tour of Vietnam, you see a lot of variety. Fantastic sandy beaches provide during a vacation in Vietnamfor rest and relaxation. Small coastal towns to take a stroll, offering interesting attractions, fine
restaurants and numerous souvenirs that will remind you of your trip toVietnam.

First Apply for VISA
Vietnam for a trip, you need a valid passport and a tourist visa. The entry visa has to be at the Vietnamese Embassy, ​ the Vietnamese Consulate General or to be procured through a travel agent. At the airport or at the border without a visa is issued. You can continue with the visa, which is used for single entry, up to four weeks traveling inVietnam. You can use these to enter all borders (land border, seaport or airport) fromCambodia,Laos orChina toVietnam.

Clothes for Vietnam Travel
ForVietnam travel all year round, sunglasses and hats as well as rain protection is required. From October to January, you will need warmer clothing for the north ofVietnam. Multi functional breathable clothing and sturdy shoes are recommended for hiking. Vietnamese look for clean and decent clothes. Tourists should also wear during a tour ofVietnam in hotels, banks and temple appropriate clothing. In temples, shoulders and knees should be covered, so you can avoid much cut tops or miniskirts. At the beach or nude bathing is “topless” unacceptable. Especially during a longer trip throughVietnam can be a hindrance to many clothes. In larger cities, many laundries offer a cheap service. In addition to the many-offered (night) markets a wide range of clothing.

Climate and Season
A trip toVietnam, especially in tourist areas yet little developed requires an accurate travel planning. Starting with the vaccinations to take care of you within weeks or months before the planned departure must offer the following comments on a coarse grid clues that can be helpful in travel planning and preparation and planning of travel routes.

Vietnam’s climate cannot be simply subsumed in a set. While for example in the mountains north of the country comes to frost and occasional snow fall, temperatures can reach in the south during the dry season to about 40 ° C degrees.Vietnamis characterized by a tropical monsoon climate. From May to September, the southeast monsoon determines the climate of the whole country brings mostly short, but very heavy rainfall. From October to April is the northeast monsoon. From August to October, there are always typhoons and cyclones, which are manifested mainly in the north and in the middle of the country.

Medical Information
For a trip toVietnam again, the standard immunizations should be checked. Depending on the area and season in forested regions of malaria, prophylaxis is recommended. A yellow fever vaccination is required upon arrival from infected countries.

Get international license for Motorcycle Tour
Motorcycle tours through Vietnam are becoming increasingly popular among travelers because it offers a wonderful opportunity to go even remote beaches and explore the country on their own. Motorcycles can be hired in all major cities. You need a valid international driver’s license issued in their home country. As deposit, usually the deposit of the ID card is required.


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Experience Pho Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine in Calamba

Vietnamese Cuisine

The thing that reminds me about Vietnam was the war with the United States of America during the 1970’s and I like watching all about it. I also want to know more about Vietnam’s culture and of course their cuisine. I tried one Vietnamese restaurant in Los Banos that was way back years and the closed shop or maybe transferred somewhere.

On my way home tonight I noticed a new restaurant in Halang, Calamba named Pho Hanoi, sounds Vietnamese with the name right? Yes! with a closer look at the sign, indeed it is. Only few customers are dining around 8pm, they just opened for business for about a week now according to one nice guy that seems to be the restaurant owner.

I took the pleasure to ask their bestseller and it’s also named Pho Hanoi, a white noodle soup in a large bowl that  for me is too big that I can’t eat all of it. It’s my first time to eat a Vietnamese noodle soup and find it very tasty with a twist of spices like the meat leaves, the white noodles is also new to me, softer than other I’ve tried. A red chili sauce and “patis”  will add to your own desired “timpla” I should say a must try. Here are some choices on their menu.

If you want to experience a different than the usual restaurant you may consider giving it a try without going to Manila or should say in Vietnam. I took the photos using a mobile phone so excuse the quality of this.

Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL Special Screening

the social network
The Social Network

It started as a project in a Harvard dormitory when Mark Zuckerberg launched the social network known today as Facebook. It is now one of the most visited websites and had an estimated revenue of US$800 million in 2009 and still continues to grow. It met a lot of controversies along the way when access to it is being banned in schools, workplaces, and even in some other countries; like the issues on the privacy of users and that of intellectual property rights over source codes. I’m really fascinated with its huge success, just like other garage projects of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, who are now billionaires. I’m really thankful to those guys for their kind of technology. They opened the gate to defining technology to what it is right now and to what it will be tomorrow.

Traditional media like newspaper, radio and television is now less preferred by the new generation of audience. In this information age where more resources can be found on the internet compared to the traditional media, going online is the way to go. All you need is a reliable and cost efficient service provider. PLDT myDSL offers a great value for your internet connection with their new modem+wifi promo, where you won’t need separate wifi router hardware. You’ll surely enjoy this great deal of savings. PLDT is the most preferred service provider by internet cafes, residential, and even mobile users. Connecting with your friends through Facebook will be more fun with these cool features from PLDT myDSL. The 4- port hub  supports the wired devices such as desktop computers and old laptops. Sharing with friends all around the house or even outside with the 25 meter range of connection. Here are some of the features and the big savings you can have:

PLDT myDSL modem+wifi
PLDT myDSL modem+wifi

If you’re a Facebook user or not and want to know more how Facebook started, there’s a movie. A story about the founders of the social-networking website, PLDT myDSL and Nuffnang Philippines will have special screening of “The Social Network” directed by David Flincher with casts like Justin Timberlake and the main character Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg.

“The Social Network is to Facebook, as PLDT myDSL modem+wifi is to easily share with friends.”

I’m really excited to watch the special screening of this movie, thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for making this possible. I don’t have a thousand of friends on Facebook right now but I think I also got a few enemies.

SM City Calamba Grand Opening

Alright, so here’s the second part of the SM Calamba Craze. The ribbon cutting was 10am; I have a work so I don’t have the chance to be there. It caused a lot of traffic jam in the area and South Luzon express way as well. Some updates in Facebook shows people swarming the mall.

SM City Calamba

It’s almost 8pm when I got here, of course because of the traffic jam. Hoping that the craze is over but am wrong with that assumption as more and more people is coming. The streets is also full of litter and people almost bumping to each other. Pedestrians are rerouted in the mall area to make way for the  vehicles.

SM City Calamba

Some have cameras shooting inside the mall, am still cautious as the guards are looking at me. I have a big bag for the camera so I took some snap and leave the area.

There’s still a lot of vacant spaces for leasing so if you’re interested you can call the leasing department at (049) 530-0062 local 537

SM City Calamba

With this number of people, its hard to find a place to eat that WalterMart got some of the customers. It took me some time to find a seat in McDonalds but it’s worth the wait, a got a free meal so I’m going back to claim it. The mall is offering free Wifi so don’t forget to bring your gadgets. That’s it for now, you can leave your comments for this SM Calamba Craze or go shopping!

SM City Calamba Opening Soon

SM City Calamba SM City Calamba, originally uploaded by ebarrun.

Shopping addicts hold your patience as your much awaited SM in Calamba City Laguna will have its grand opening on October 15, 2010 on a payday. I don’t have the list of stores right now, except for McDonald’s that I have a ticket for on its opening day. It’s a meal ticket of some sort of coupon where I would have a chance to win another meal. BPI and SM City Calamba SM City Calamba

Would it really be a big day? If so, prepare yourselves for a chain of traffic jams and a busier crowd loitering around. Hope it won’t be a mess like the one when SM San Pablo opened. See you there!