Photos of Iya Villania and Venus Raj on Set of ABS-CBN Umagang Kay Ganda

ABS-CBN Umagang Kay Ganda Studio Tour

I got the chance to take some photos on the set of the morning TV show Umagang kay Ganda of ABS-CBN yesterday. Being on the front row gave me a good view using the 105mm lens and with the studio lighting available, 1000 ISO is doing well. The 50mm lens doesn’t offer much flexibility in shooting even it can auto focus. I prefer using the 105mm.

ABS-CBN Umagang Kay Ganda Studio Tour

ABS-CBN Umagang Kay Ganda Studio TourABS-CBN Umagang Kay Ganda Studio Tour

A great photography experience with such a limited movement and of course using flash is prohibited in the studio. I’m satisfied with the results seeing the photos on a computer than the camera LCD although not really crisp images. Check more photos of Iya and Venus on my Flickr account for your verdict if I can be a celebrity photographer.

Download High Resolution iPhone 4S Images

Apple IPhone 4S

The new Apple iPhone 4S is said to be the most amazing iPhone yet,  with a record breaking pre-orders of One Million in the first day. Of course Apple’s dual-core A5 chip for fast performance and great graphics processing power. The all new camera with advanced optics to take high quality photos to compliment the 8MP for up to 8×10 photo prints. Shoot  full 1080p HD resolution video that some DSLR also offer. And Siri, that I found to be the best feature making voice command a reality of a virtual intelligent assistant to help me and make things done.

If you pre-ordered but want to see the beauty of it, you can download iPhone 4S images in high resolution here. The photos comes in 4 zip files in TIFF format, starting at 2100 x 2400 resolution with 7MB file size.  I won’t be surprised by inspecting the camera data or EXIF, its a Hasselblad CF528-39 – Schneider. A pro camera suited for studio and the world’s first 39 megapixel DSLR camera.

A bit of reminder, the images are for editorial use by press and/or industry analysts only, or you can read more on the Image Use Agreement for more details. I’m blogging about this and am not selling anything or altering the images. I hope am not violating any terms of Apple because of  ” This right to use is personal to you and is not transferable by you to another party.”  if so please let me know. Now download it and make it your desktop wallpapers or this artwork tribute to Steve Jobs.



Nikon D3100 Released In Color, Yes In Color RED

Red D3100

Nikon Corporation just announced a new version of Nikon D3100 in red, yes the color is red as you can see here even the neck strap is red. Maybe your fine with the traditional black but I guess they’re targeting new users, the ladies must be happy with this news. The specs are the same, the only difference is the color that appeal to the color red lovers. Wait! lower that expectation if you’re from Asia, this product is only available in Europe right now for 599 EUR.

Red D3100

A call to action by Nikon with the trends where DSLR is now appealing to the young consumer girls, I’ve known it first from Pentax that they have different DSLR body color ranging from yellow to red. Then I saw one our student, she’s a girl, having a red Canon body. I also noticed that the models are mostly entry level camera, I hope Nikon won’t do it on the midrange or PRO camera line up.

Red D3100 Neck Strap

I still prefer the classic neck strap, the yellow over black strap, though there are some third party neck strap I hope Nikon would just leave it to them to design for different market segment. I’m not a big fan of red really, orange is more appealing to me but those colors is not easy for the eyes to look at. This product is intended for young people to encourage them a happy photography experience. With my age right now, I still prefer the classic black. How about you, what can you say, just leave it in the comments.

Nikon Service Center in Mega Mall Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

This is it guys! the opening of Nikon Service Center in Mega Mall will be on…(drum roll) May 11, 2011. The long wait is finally over. Though I’m a bit confused about this announcement, since I haven’t received any reply about the delay of the opening from Columbia Digital which is the authorized distributor of Nikon in the Philippines. I got this update on their Facebook fan page and the image there was indeed lovely. The guys at Columbia Digital head office will be busy for the preparation of the opening so they will be closed for a while from May 4-6 and will resume on May 9 at the Nikon Service Center in Megamall.

They will sell all range of Nikon products in the center which will also serve as  showroom, with a big emphasis on pricing where ALL is in SRP (Suggested Retail Price). The Columbia Digital Service Center will be closed but it will resume if the need arises, Nikon technicians will be transferred at the new service center.

I hope this can offer convenience to customers for its new strategic location, though some comments about customer service is poor. Now that Columbia Digital is using the social network I guess they’re listening to customer feedback. So let’s see what will happen next, I’m planning to witness the opening and see other Nikon products. If you have some camera technical problems then Nikon is  ready to diagnose. The Nikon Store and Service center is located at the 5th Floor, Bldg B, Megamall, Ortigas, Pasig City


I did not make on the big event but they shared some photos from the Facebook page here it is. Nikon Store and Service Center Opening Event Photos.

Nikon Coolpix S550 Can Detect Smile

Nikon Coolpix S550

Have you seen Nikon Coolpix S550 on the store? It might look just like a regular digital camera  but it makes point and shoot photography a lot easier. This camera has unique features such as smile and blink detection. Smile detection is a key feature that alerts the photographer when anyone is smiling on the frame so that the picture will be taken at the right time. Once the picture is taken, it scans for blinks and an indicator will appear if anybody blinks so that a picture will be shot again.

Speaking of smile, Isn’t it nice when our teeth is pearly white and gleams at the camera. Just like the celebrities that we know. We all know they had dental enhancements done. A porcelain veneers is an example. Before, porcelain veneers are expensive. Middle class people who availed this kind of treatment saved for this procedure but it was worth it. Of course there is maintenance for it but it’s all normal. Wether you have dental veneers or not you still have to brush thrice a day, floss, and have annual dentist appointment.

Dental veneers are nice specially if you maintain it’s luster. Having a smile that can lighten up a crowd is a gift that you can give to others. It is important that we try to smile in a picture. A blank reaction or a frown can give a negative vibe and does not always give a uplift mood to others.When we see commercial print ads we always see the endorser smile. It creates a positive image on the product they endorse and gives them a sprite feeling of enjoyment once you avail their products.

Good thing, that there is a camera that detects smile. It’s hard to capture a smile specially if your taking pictures of babies and toddlers. Capturing that precious moment will be less hassle because the Nikon Coolpix S550 can now detect smile. So go ahead try the Nikon Coolpix S550 in your nearest store and capture the moment.


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