How to Secure Smartphones

Nokia Lumia 900 Smartphone

As a matter of fact, smartphones such as Android and iPhone are more prone to security threats than desktops and laptops, especially while using their WiFi feature. As more and more people are embracing smartphones, these intelligent gadgets are becoming the hit targets of hackers who always seek to spy for stealing critical information. However, with the advancement in the technology, these smartphones are now supporting more and more security features so that the risk of different threats is minimized. Right from the built-in security features to the third-party protective apps, the smartphone technology has really challenged the intruders and even the owners to misuse the phone in the presence of these security options. So, here are some of the most reliable ways to secure your smartphone.

Set up a Password
As usual, securing the phone with a password even today is the easiest way to start. Today, a majority of smartphones have a built-in password protection feature that allows locking your phone. However, there are different ways of password protecting your phone. For example, any Android phone, except for 2.2 Froyo, comes with a swipe grid pattern wherein you connect the dots to form your own pattern to lock the phone. Irrespective of style and type, the password-protect method will only be successful if you choose a complex phrase or pattern.

Install an antivirus
This is the most common way of securing your smartphone from viruses, bad apps, malware, and unauthenticated access. The desktop rulers such as McAfee, Norton, and AVG have already come up with their own unique antivirus version for smartphones, which are either available for free or at reasonable price. Do check out the Android market or iPhone store for apps! And yes, after installing, ensure that you keep updating the antivirus app. This is because the latest patches make it possible for the app to deal with new threats.

Install an advanced spying app
In case you want to track a lost smartphone or wish to keep an eye on what is happening on your kid’s phone to ensure her/his security, get an advanced spying app. The most admirable feature of such an app is that it works in an invisible mode after installation so that your kid or the robber does not come to know about your spying activity.  Moreover, you can keep an eye on the calls, e-mails, SMSs, MMSs, downloaded or captured multimedia, and live GPS location from a remote place just with the help of a PC or mobile Web browser. Some apps, such as phone spy, give you a complete control of the phone’s live screen via a Live Control Panel on its official site so that you can stop the risk activities.

Take a Backup
Many times, the only way to deal with a virus is to format the phone’s memory. Therefore, it is wise to take backups of your phone book, apps, photos, videos, and messages on regular intervals.  Disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth As a rule of thumb, you should always turn off the wireless features whenever you are at a crowded or strange place. If they are kept on, hackers can easily gain access to your phone from a remote location. Even if you want to use the features, ensure that the data you exchange is encrypted.


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Instagram For Android Not Working In Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT- S5360

Instagram Logo 2

I’ve just installed the newly released Instagram for Android App today on my Samsung Galaxy Y Young GT- S5360 that occupied 16.59MB of space in the limited internal memory. The popular photo application for iPhone  and other Apple products like iPad, iPod is now ported to the Android OS. This will give a new user base to Instagram. Sorry to spoil the excitement of Samsung Galaxy Y users, the Instagram application is currently not working properly.

The experience will progress from downloading the app properly from Google Play. You may find it unusual with its large file space for a photo app, installing would be going smoothly, signing up would be easy as 123, following other users/friends from other social networks like Facebook and twitter adds to the excitement of sharing the photos in a while after all of those steps… Ended with the disappointment  to start in adding effects/filters  and the uploading of the photos to the social networks with just a black or blank photo. At least border can be be seen around it, but it doesn’t compensate the failure, I guess.

This is just the the first release of Instagram for Android and I’m hoping there will be a fix to it on the next update. Though I’m aware that Instagram use OpenGL 2.2 and Galaxy Y has OpenGL 1.1. As for me and everyone else, waiting will be the best thing to do.


Something To Consider Before Buying A Computer

The Brads - Buying a Computer

Have you decided what computer platform you want to use?
The illustration will show you somehow to pick the best platform that will suit your taste, I think this would not just apply to those who wants to buy a new computer.

The most popular and widely used kind of computer in the planet is the Windows PC from Microsoft, that I’m currently using right now. Setting up a new Windows PC in the illustration is true with all the bloatware from the manufacturer, you don’t need it all. Reformatting and installing a fresh version of Windows will solve the problem, expect the increase in performance without the bloatware. By that time you can start working if the hardware can support your computing needs.

I haven’t  tried a Mac computer so I’m not sure about this, but I really wanted to have one in the future if I can afford it’s high prices. The things I know about this piece of machine is the quality of hardware that surely would last for a long time and the performance can handle critical computing needs. If I’ll be using this for video editing probably it needs more juices of RAM, in the illustration adding third party RAM is not necessary if the computing requirements is not that high.

Setting up a Linux PC in the illustration looks to be the easiest having only 3 steps buy a Linux laptop, start working and trim neckbeard. I don’t agree with this, choosing my favorite Linux distribution would be the first step which is missing in this illustration. Most of the time the Linux flavor installed is out of my preferred distribution so still it really needs to be reformatted, of course this is base on my on experience.

Hope this gave you something to consider before buying a computer, with all this choices you can settle to be the best. I find this the illustration to be funny in the way of comparing the 3 PC platform, indeed some might be true to others but not for me. if you find the comic small you see the full size image  also a big thanks to  Brad Colbow, the creator of this great illustration.



Skype 2.6 Comes To Android, Adds File Sharing

Skype on Android

Skype has been the favorite instant messenger for millions of desktop users for years and it is now catching up fast to become the preferred choice of Android users. Ever since Microsoft purchased Skype, they have released numerous updates to address issues in the existing application as well as to add new features to enhance user experience. The latest offering in this series of updates is Skype 2.6 for Android. It is packed with fresh and intuitive features and is definitely good news for Android users.

The file sending feature is considered a must for an instant messenger. Many Skype for Android users have complained in the past about the absence of the file sharing feature, which the PC version of Skype has offered for years. The Skype 2.6 update, although being termed as a minor update, adds this long desired feature. Users now have the ability to send files, be it videos, photos or documents to family and friends, all for free. File sharing can be done via your device’s Wi-Fi connection or through your device’s data connection. This feature should now cover all the file sending needs of the users, for which they would have used numerous applications in the past. Also, there would not be any need to send files individually through SMS or an email. It also supports video calling service for different android devices.

Apart from the major feature of file sharing being offered to the users, Skype 2.6 for Android has many other new things to offer. The code for the application has been enhanced to provide a perked up video quality for tablets as well as for phones which are equipped with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor such as high-end smartphones or Android Honeycomb tablets. This is definitely good news for many users including the ones who own the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Skype 2.6 also adds official support for the Motorola Droid Razr and the HTC Amaze 4G. Skype is also working up hard to bring support for video calling to almost all the phones running Android 2.2+. Skype 2.6 has also been enhanced to provide an improved battery usage. Other minor improvements include bug fixes, fix for the white screen on some devices when Skype is launched from the recent applications list, voice mail improvements, new graphics, a fix for video orientation on Galaxy Nexus, capability for auto-sign in and fixes for startup issues on Android 2.1.

As far as the availability of Skype 2.6 is concerned, it is available as a free download in the Android market. The package size is reported to be around 12 megabytes. It is recommended that the users should update their previous versions to this latest one.
Skype has always been a frontrunner as an instant messenger and with this new and improved latest update, the number of downloads are only expected to go higher. Skype 2.6 will definitely contribute to a richer and smoother user experience.

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The Power of UNLIMITED of SmartSun Mobile Network Can Be Yours This Christmas

The mobile network war is over between this two, after the long battle of unlimited services. Smart Communications and Sun Cellular is now taking a great leap in mobile services which is very beneficial to the consumers. This can be the perfect gift this Christmas with all the savings SmartSun offers.

Get the unlimited texts for both networks for only P549 a month, you also get 2 hours of call to Smart and 4 hours of calls to Sun. The DUAL PLAN 549 comes with a FREE Dual SIM mobile Phone, a Nokia C203 that has dual access. No need to worry about the interconnection charges between this two, just text all the way you want.

I’m a Sun Cellular subscriber and my contract would end next year on the month of April, a great offer that makes me think of getting a dual SIM mobile phone again. Sad to say this is a limited Christmas edition only, so grab it Smart Stores and Sun Shops