I Was Informed That Christopher Lao Was Not Informed, Again?

Do you remember his name? I bet you do, he is Christopher Lao a UP Diliman student who ditched his car in the middle of a flood. That according to him he was not informed by the traffic enforcers, MMDA and even the GMA news team that the level of the flood  would sink his car . Here’s some of his popular lines, that hit the social media.

[quote]Why me? nobody informed, I should have been informed, dapat iinformed[/quote]

But I was informed that Christopher Lao was not informed, again?  that  there would be a flood in his area where his car is parked outside of his house. The central Luzon have been hit by different typhoons so flooding is expected especially in Metro Manila. Christopher Lao did not learn any lesson from his past but now he got something new for us,  this new video.

Nature doesn’t inform you but BPI Family Auto Loan is informing you that this is an advertisement for their car insurance policy, FREE insurance with acts of nature coverage. They are making a viral video on YouTube to promote the insurance product. So being stupid nowadays can be rewarding in the end?.  Christopher Lao was able to pay for his daughter’s tuition fee. He found a new career I guess, more of this story at GMA News online

I’ve Been Thinking About Getting A Smartphone, REALLY!

An old advertisement by Microsoft for their smartphone Windows Phone 7, a really funny but strikes me the simple message. I seem to be very busy with phones and other gadgets that I’m losing focus on the things I’m presently doing. Sure enough you’re doing it too.

I’ve been thinking  about getting a smartphone, really!  a starter android phone and been scanning network plans for a great phone deal. Watching this ad makes me think again of having one, would it  really add productivity or the other way around.  Anyways  it’s for you to decide, see for yourself.