Support Philippine Internet Freedom Alliance Online Protest

Show your support for the Internet Freedom and Freedom of Speech in the Philippines spread this message that the government will take actions to review the Cybercrime Law ʀᴀ ɴᴏ. 10175. I also got this information on Facebook and Twitter and I’m just sharing it here on my blog. Here is one example of the call to action.

TODAY, 02 October 2012, the Supreme Court sitting en banc is set to hear several petitions for prohibition against the Cybercrime Prevention Law.

If the high court junks these petitions and disapproves the request for a temporary restraining order (TRO), the Cybercrime Prevention Law will take effect the following day, forever changing the Internet landscape in the Philippines — possibly even killing Internet freedom.

As a sign of protest, please take down your profile pictures and cover photos and change it to a simple black image.

We also call on website administrators in the Philippines to take down/blacken their websites starting 12 midnight in protest of the looming implementation of the draconian law. There are several plugins available in the net to do so (GIYF).

With enough websites participating, we can be a formidable force that can compel the government to think twice.

If you’re active on social media you can change your social media profiles and show your friends, followers about this law suppressing Internet freedom. If you have your own website or blog follow the instructions here on how to participate on Website Blackout Protest self hosted blogs, Blogger and Tumblr is supported by the script. Show your online support now!

PhilRice Run 4 Ur Rice Fun Run

Run 4 ur Rice, originally uploaded by ebarrun.

Another Sunday of fun run, this time the only catch is, I didn’t run again, I just took photos of the event and thanks to Wacky Ocampo for inviting me to help her in the documentation. Rain or shine as the true blood athletes must say, around a thousand runners participated in the fun run activity today at UPLB Baker Grounds to celebrate PhilRice’s 25th Anniversary. I came around __ am not knowing if the rain would stop, hoping to take photos with a brighter background. Good thing the sky was cleared just before the program started. It was very relieving to see a lot of familiar faces as participants from Letran Calamba were of a large number; around 290 runners were instructors and the rest were
mostly students.

Run 4 ur Rice


The activity was part of the Rice Awareness Month wherein runners were asked to pledge their support in saving and giving importance to rice as Filipinos’ main food staple. This, I think, apart from the cool drizzle rain effect to running, added “spice” to the activity’s commitment to rice awareness advocacy. In addition to that, what makes the run more fun and attractive was the fact that the runners would be running alongside rice fields, which makes it closer to nature (not like the runs conducted in Manila) and actually have the “feel” of how rice is meticulously farmed.

The Run 4 Ur Rice Fun Run is just one of the many runs being conducted in the Philippines nowadays. But what makes it different is that the theme is actually brought nearer to a much greener way.