Nikon Philippines Official Store Opening Soon in SM Mega Mall

Nikon Philippines Concept Store
, originally uploaded by ebarrun.

Ladies and Gentlemen! I’m proud to present to all nikonians out there, we will have an official Nikon Philippines Store. Yes! it is according to the Facebook fan page of Nikon Philippines under Columbia Digital the authorized distributor of Nikon products. The concept store will be located at the 5th floor of SM Mega Mall and will be opening in 2 months time, somewhere in April this year.

I’m really amazed and excited knowing this, it’s been a long time of waiting. Now a reality for Nikon fans that they are requesting stores for major cities like¬†Davao¬†and Cebu. There’s a lot of Nikon users here in the Philippines but no official store or service centers though Columbia Digital is there, the location is hard to find . Other camera brands like Canon and Olympus can be seen anywhere like malls and service centers they even have product demos every now and then. I think most of the Nikon units are from dealers that have gray units like those in Hidalgo Quiapo, Manila or imported from other countries making it hard to justify for Nikon headquarters to have an official store here.

Existing Nikon users will be delighted for an easy to reach store for parts and services, not to mention the hope for gray unit warranties if they will honor it. I got my Nikon D3000 in Hidalgo that has a 1 year in store warranty, lucky enough I don’t have any camera problems yet. Then its a great effort of marketing for potential new Nikon users to trust the after sales services like repairs and warranties. I hope Nikon will have more local marketing efforts here in the Philippines and a toll free customer hotline for everything Nikon.