Online Shopping at B&H Photo Using UnionBank EON Card


The film project for our film class uses some equipment that needed extra care for its safety like the cameras and tripods. We are always talking about the Murphy’s law that “if anything bad can happen, it will happen” and it became our favorite quote. Then it happened, the libec tripod with a zoom controller in the handle was damaged with scratches. The zoom controller must be replaced with a new one that we have to order abroad, we can’t find it locally.

The online store that first comes to my mind is B&H Photo Video where I always saw it in video magazines. Searching for the item is just the keyword “libec” no worries it’s the first in search result. I got a high expectation that they will accept PayPal payments, yes they do but it’s says USA, UK, and Canada only so I have to find other ways for international payment. Using the live chat feature on their website I asked what other payment options, wire transfer is one but it seemed to be a hassle for me going to the bank.

A phone call using Google voice (it’s FREE by the way) made it clearer to me as I talk to a customer service representative in real time, I prefer voice call than chat. Though credit cards are the most used payment method online still I don’t want to use my credit card for security reasons. I asked if I can use a debit card, it’s a big yes as it also works like a credit card. The UnionBank EON card can be used, bearing the Visa logo that’s accepted international. So I signed up at B&H then ordered the zoom controller, during the process for the payment you have to enter the same billing address in your address in the UnionBank EON card. I called the customer service of UnionBank toll-free number 1-800-1888-2277 to verify the exact billing address.

B&H Photo - Order History Details & Tracking

B&H preferred shipping vendor is UPS, I choose it also for the lowest shipping rates with feature of online tracking. They also got US Postal Service but I’m not in any way plans to use this service, it will take so long and the big possibility of losing a package. Shipping would take from 3 to 5 business days but I told them that I really need the item. Given the tracking number, I’m excited for the movement of the package in the UPS system as pictured below. Lucky day for me, it falls on a weekend that I can receive it personally. The time I saw the package was in Manila I thought it would be delivered on Monday as the expected date of delivery. Then Saturday night around 7pm the UPS guy is here with the zoom controller package. I’m just surprised for additional fee of P1.465 of custom duties for a 0.45kgs of package.

UPS  Tracking Information

B&H Package Libec Zoom Controller

It’s my first time to ship a tangible item from the US using the UnionBank EON card, I usually buy domains and web hosting with PayPal,  indeed it’s a happy online shopping experience.

Opera Mini Not Working In Samsung Punch GT-C3222

Samsung Punch C3222

Last week I got a new Samsung Punch GT-C3222 and been playing with the features, so far am enjoying the experience. Just now I’m trying to install the opera mini for mobile browsing but it always says “invalid jar file” here’s what I did.

I asked someone to transfer from a Nokia mobile phone the jar file using Bluetooth connectivity but it cannot be transferred, error that say something with the permission issue. Then tried using a laptop, the downloaded opera mini is copied to the micro SD card but then again with no success, maybe the version in not compatible as I cannot see Samsung Punch on the list . The last one is using the Samsung Punch, I visited and it automatically detected the device. Excitement rush as it downloads and I can see install progress bar is getting near to completion then suddenly it nags a “cancelling” screen.  For now I can’t find any solution to this.

If you have any solution about this, please let me know and it would be a great help. I’m excited to use foursquare with the opera mini and get the badges.

Sun Cellular Unlimited Mobile Surfing with Facebook Zero

facebook logo

You can now connect with your friends on Facebook using Sun Cellular WAP service on your mobile phones. Facebook collaborated with mobile operators around the world, people can access without data charges. This Includes all the standard features, users can update their status, view their News Feed, like or comment on posts, send and reply to messages, or write on their friends’ Wall just as they do on They made it FAST and FREE so grab that phone and follow this steps.

  • Activate your GPRS and configure your handset by texting activate to 2300 for FREE.
  • Choose Sun WAP as your access point.
  • Go to and click the Facebook Zero link.

Facebook Zero is a free text-only mobile version of Facebook. Standard browsing rates of Php10 for 30 minutes will apply when viewing photos or external links. Prepaid users is not required to have any maintaining balance to use the service. If you have any questions you can call the customer service by dialing 200 to your Sun mobile phone or their hotline (02) 395-800. Though I find the website usability a bit disappointing as I have to wait for the slideshow and hit the print screen button just to read the instructions.

SM City Calamba Opening Soon

SM City Calamba SM City Calamba, originally uploaded by ebarrun.

Shopping addicts hold your patience as your much awaited SM in Calamba City Laguna will have its grand opening on October 15, 2010 on a payday. I don’t have the list of stores right now, except for McDonald’s that I have a ticket for on its opening day. It’s a meal ticket of some sort of coupon where I would have a chance to win another meal. BPI and SM City Calamba SM City Calamba

Would it really be a big day? If so, prepare yourselves for a chain of traffic jams and a busier crowd loitering around. Hope it won’t be a mess like the one when SM San Pablo opened. See you there!