Things You Can Do During Staycation


Staycation is a fancy term for a stay-at-home vacation and spending your time at home for a meaningful time with yourself or your family and friends. Instead of spending so much to have a break, most of the people are into doing some cheaper alternatives to make use of the time and spend a vacation.

Here are the best ideas on how to have an awesome staycation:

1. Prepare something new.
Treat yourself with a new and unconventional way of cooking a healthy meal or baking pastries. You should try and see for yourself! Search for recipes online or make your own. Who knows, you might start something wonderful and be able to start up as a food business.

2. Have a visit to a park or a plaza.
Either walking, running, or biking, it is a fun and favorable way to get there. Not only you can visit a local park or plaza, getting there through those means are good forms of exercise. Sweat it out and see the wonders you’re missing out at your place. You can also talk to the people you’ll meet there have a good conversation about news in your place.

3. Watch some movies.
You missed out all the good movies in the last half of the year? Ask for someone who has the DVDs of it and have a movie marathon at home. You could invite your friends and family too to watch it with you. Be careful inviting people who have watched the movies, they might spoil you!

4. Sleep.
Relax. Sure you are working so hard and end up in sleeping for just a bit than you actually need, then make use of the time to sleep well. What a good time to sleep without an alarm clock waking you up! Yup, you deserve it!

5. Spend time with your family and friends.
You’re missing all the updates and fun with them, don’t you? Then set a date with them. It’s a pretty good time catching up with them. Anyway, it’s not every day that you could spend time with them, so take the chance.

6. Party Hard!
Well, it’s time to bring back your night life! Prepare yourself for an all-out raving, dancing, and drinking! There are a lot of party places now especially in the metro. Hip-Hop and EDMs will certainly set your mood to an all-night fun! Go ahead.

7. Discover new places near you.
There might be newly opened restaurants, coffee shops, milk tea places, boutiques, or activity themed places near you, visit them and see for yourself. You might discover a new comfort place and a hideout for you.

8. Read.
Not actually a book worm I must say nor a fan of novels, but I still recommend reading. But hey, I am into reading too! Newspapers, magazines, online articles, and manga are also forms of reading isn’t it?

9. Join activities.
There a lot of activities that you might like to join such as fun runs, extending your help through charitable works, enroll in a program like boxing or short term culinary or photography course. You’re not just helping but also you’re going to learn a lot by doing such things.

10. Pamper yourself.
Go to the spa and have yourself the massage that your body deserves. Treat yourself with a food that you haven’t tried. It’s your time for this wonderful treat!

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