Subject: I LOVE YOU

Subject: I Love You movie poster

With such intriguing tag line, I’m hoping to see a very interesting movie.

Does the “I love you” virus ring a bell to you? It originated from the Philippines and the movie was inspired from the events that occurred almost 11 years ago, starred by a Filipino, Jericho Rosales. I can’t recall to mind the exact date of when the worm out broke but I’m pretty sure it was sometime in 2000. It was that time when many feared that along with the millennium changeover comes the Y2K scare, that’s why I can’t be wrong that it happened that time.

The trailer was so alive. I played it over and over, and until now I can just have the flashbacks of the trailer in my mind. It started with a series of news clipping compilations, of how it was the worst, most damaging and widespread virus ever designed. The message says ‘I love you’ and people would think of it as a valentine, but it was a virus. It was thought of a love note that zipped through the global communications network. It caused damage to the internet giants like Yahoo that have lost almost over a billion of dollars revenue loss.

It was referred as the love bug virus and the cupid who cooked it up and committed the crime was a hacker from the Philippines, whom the FBI believed was the suspect. And something else comes, a woman describing her feelings comparing it to a picture that suddenly comes into focus, as she’s having difficulty to just say everything out. Then comes the scene when a lad taking the situation to his advantage when he started convincing the lead that if he really loves her then he has more reason to start the project, because he believe that the woman can be found with it. But the lead believes in just letting fate saddle its toll when he uttered, “when she comes after me, then I’ll know”. Love is a fairytale says the narrator. And a scene when a foreigner told the lead that an American man took the woman away. The trailer ended with the lead was being tortured. Another Goosebumps growing part is when the torturer shouted “say it one more time!” And he answered “I love her!”

Inspired by true events, I guess I’ve already got an idea on how the movie’s going to turn out. When I saw the trailer, it reminded me of most of the Filipino movies made entirely of cyclic rotations on the story board. The trailer got me confused all of a sudden and the more I had the wanting to see the movie. I know that the trailer

wasn’t arranged in chronological order, but I don’t want to speculate and give a false story line.

A joint effort of the Tectonic Films and Radian Studios, comes the full movie trailer of “Subject: I Love You” starring the Philippines’ very own Jericho Rosales partnered with Briana Evigan of Step-Up 2: The Streets.

In it are Hollywood stars, Kristin Bauer of True Blood and Dean Cain of Lois & Clark.

Starring in the movies are other Filipinos who have also already making it big in other countries: Dante Basco of Hook, Ap of Black Eyed Peas and Gary Valenciano. I guess Gary Valenciano was included because he is the husband of Jericho Rosales’ talent manager.

Subject: I Love You is an action-packed romantic drama, based on the destructive ‘I Love You’ computer virus, which spread around the globe at the turn of the millennium, shutting down computer systems at the Pentagon, Parliament and the CIA. Combining romance, drama, action and international intrigue, Subject: I Love You is ultimately the story of a young man, Victor, who will do anything to reconnect with the only woman he’s ever loved – even if that means entangling himself in an international criminal investigation written by Barclay DeVeau.

Another geek movie from the creator of Facebook’s “The Social Network” that has already is a topped the charts and has also been very controversial.