Nikon D3100 Released In Color, Yes In Color RED

Red D3100

Nikon Corporation just announced a new version of Nikon D3100 in red, yes the color is red as you can see here even the neck strap is red. Maybe your fine with the traditional black but I guess they’re targeting new users, the ladies must be happy with this news. The specs are the same, the only difference is the color that appeal to the color red lovers. Wait! lower that expectation if you’re from Asia, this product is only available in Europe right now for 599 EUR.

Red D3100

A call to action by Nikon with the trends where DSLR is now appealing to the young consumer girls, I’ve known it first from Pentax that they have different DSLR body color ranging from yellow to red. Then I saw one our student, she’s a girl, having a red Canon body. I also noticed that the models are mostly entry level camera, I hope Nikon won’t do it on the midrange or PRO camera line up.

Red D3100 Neck Strap

I still prefer the classic neck strap, the yellow over black strap, though there are some third party neck strap I hope Nikon would just leave it to them to design for different market segment. I’m not a big fan of red really, orange is more appealing to me but those colors is not easy for the eyes to look at. This product is intended for young people to encourage them a happy photography experience. With my age right now, I still prefer the classic black. How about you, what can you say, just leave it in the comments.

Nikon Coolpix S550 Can Detect Smile

Nikon Coolpix S550

Have you seen Nikon Coolpix S550 on the store? It might look just like a regular digital camera  but it makes point and shoot photography a lot easier. This camera has unique features such as smile and blink detection. Smile detection is a key feature that alerts the photographer when anyone is smiling on the frame so that the picture will be taken at the right time. Once the picture is taken, it scans for blinks and an indicator will appear if anybody blinks so that a picture will be shot again.

Speaking of smile, Isn’t it nice when our teeth is pearly white and gleams at the camera. Just like the celebrities that we know. We all know they had dental enhancements done. A porcelain veneers is an example. Before, porcelain veneers are expensive. Middle class people who availed this kind of treatment saved for this procedure but it was worth it. Of course there is maintenance for it but it’s all normal. Wether you have dental veneers or not you still have to brush thrice a day, floss, and have annual dentist appointment.

Dental veneers are nice specially if you maintain it’s luster. Having a smile that can lighten up a crowd is a gift that you can give to others. It is important that we try to smile in a picture. A blank reaction or a frown can give a negative vibe and does not always give a uplift mood to others.When we see commercial print ads we always see the endorser smile. It creates a positive image on the product they endorse and gives them a sprite feeling of enjoyment once you avail their products.

Good thing, that there is a camera that detects smile. It’s hard to capture a smile specially if your taking pictures of babies and toddlers. Capturing that precious moment will be less hassle because the Nikon Coolpix S550 can now detect smile. So go ahead try the Nikon Coolpix S550 in your nearest store and capture the moment.


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Nikon’s Philippines Store Opening in SM Mega Mall Delayed

I was really excited to visit the new Nikon store in SM Mega Mall this April after I made a post about it. The search through the mall directory but it’s not yet on the list so I ask the woman on the information booth telling me I should try at the 5th floor. Then I reached this point in the 5th floor, you can tell what it is?

I tried reaching Columbia Digital about this by shooting an email but I did not get any response yet. So I guess Nikon lovers you need to wait for a while and hold your patience. As soon as this store opens and people will get to know more about the brand. I hope more stores will open in provincial areas.

It’s almost end of the month of April right? but am still looking forward for the opening. Maybe Nikon is cooking a lot for us guys. See you then.

The GREAT Nikkor Lens Sale

Nikkor Lens Sale, originally uploaded by ebarrun.

An early Christmas Treat to all nikonians in the Philippines, the GREAT Nikkor Lens Sale will happen from December 6, 2010 till December 31, 2010.

  • 6 months 0% for mall based resellers through credit card.
  • Discounts available for cash purchases.
  • 2 year warranty.

The best lens for the budget would be the AF-NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D  with a regular price of  Php 5,700.00 but this would vary depending on your store of choice like Hidalgo or Mall based stores. The current price is reasonably cheap and the Nikkor Lens Sale would definitely make a slash  of the price tag. This is a great lens to start with if your building your lens armory but just don’t be amazed with the prize it has great features too. I really want this lens for my Nikon D3000 or to my body upgrade which is the Nikon D90.

It’s a prime lens so expect a sharper image even in low light condition without using any flash, you can find detailed review on other sites but I’ ll just go with the basics.

  • AUTOFOCUS: D90/D300S – it will only auto-focus starting from the Nikon D90 model because of the built in motor in the body that will power the lens for auto focusing .
  • MANUAL FOCUS: D40/D60/D3000/D5000 – sorry guys this not for your camera body if  you need auto focusing. Now you got to practice your manual focusing skills.
  • FILTER SIZE: 52MM – you will need a UV filter for lens protection for dust and Ultraviolet rays.

This compact and fast, f/1.8 lens is versatile and perfect for travel and portrait pictures as well as general photography.

  • D-type lens design provides distance information as part of flash and ambient light exposure processes.

  • Classic normal lens provides speed and compact design

  • Multi-layer coating minimizes flare and ghosting.

  • Exceptionally lightweight and compact. Ideal for travel photography.

  • Stops down to f/22 for excellent depth-of-field control.

The list of participating dealers will be announced next week, so come back again here. Meanwhile check out the other Nikkor lens line up and prepare your cash to buy this next week.

Here’s the update for the participating resellers. Credit card holders can avail of the 6 months 0%  interest

Columbia Digital Head Office
Quezon City (CASH only at the moment as we upgrade our credit card facilities)

Digital Walker
Greenbelt 5
Virramall (Nikon Concept Shop)


Davao (Nikon Concept Shop)


SM North
SM Manila
SM Megamall
SM Mall of Asia
Robinsons Galleria
Glorietta 5

Picture City
SM Mall of Asia
SM Rosales
SM Bacolod
Sm Lucena
SM Fairview
SM Pampanga
Ayala Center

PerfectShot / TCA
SM North Edsa


Mandaluyong City

CSP Digital
General Santos City


Cagayan Photo
Cagayan De Oro City

Prism 2
Baguio City

Rhabel’s Photo
Kalibo Aklan

Update (December 9, 2010)
Columbia Digital apology.
We apologize for some confusion of the resellers list last week. We will be extending the lens sale till JANUARY 15, 2011 due to this.
December 6 – January 15, 2011

You can contact Columbia Digital, the exclusive distributor of Nikon products and the only authorized repair center in the Philippines.

-For Product Inquiries
Direct Line: 363 5315, 365 2566
TrunkLine: 366 1873, 363 3876, 365 0927
Fax: 363 7465,366 8266