Download High Resolution iPhone 4S Images

Apple IPhone 4S

The new Apple iPhone 4S is said to be the most amazing iPhone yet,  with a record breaking pre-orders of One Million in the first day. Of course Apple’s dual-core A5 chip for fast performance and great graphics processing power. The all new camera with advanced optics to take high quality photos to compliment the 8MP for up to 8×10 photo prints. Shoot  full 1080p HD resolution video that some DSLR also offer. And Siri, that I found to be the best feature making voice command a reality of a virtual intelligent assistant to help me and make things done.

If you pre-ordered but want to see the beauty of it, you can download iPhone 4S images in high resolution here. The photos comes in 4 zip files in TIFF format, starting at 2100 x 2400 resolution with 7MB file size.  I won’t be surprised by inspecting the camera data or EXIF, its a Hasselblad CF528-39 – Schneider. A pro camera suited for studio and the world’s first 39 megapixel DSLR camera.

A bit of reminder, the images are for editorial use by press and/or industry analysts only, or you can read more on the Image Use Agreement for more details. I’m blogging about this and am not selling anything or altering the images. I hope am not violating any terms of Apple because of  ” This right to use is personal to you and is not transferable by you to another party.”  if so please let me know. Now download it and make it your desktop wallpapers or this artwork tribute to Steve Jobs.



PhilRice Run 4 Ur Rice Fun Run

Run 4 ur Rice, originally uploaded by ebarrun.

Another Sunday of fun run, this time the only catch is, I didn’t run again, I just took photos of the event and thanks to Wacky Ocampo for inviting me to help her in the documentation. Rain or shine as the true blood athletes must say, around a thousand runners participated in the fun run activity today at UPLB Baker Grounds to celebrate PhilRice’s 25th Anniversary. I came around __ am not knowing if the rain would stop, hoping to take photos with a brighter background. Good thing the sky was cleared just before the program started. It was very relieving to see a lot of familiar faces as participants from Letran Calamba were of a large number; around 290 runners were instructors and the rest were
mostly students.

Run 4 ur Rice


The activity was part of the Rice Awareness Month wherein runners were asked to pledge their support in saving and giving importance to rice as Filipinos’ main food staple. This, I think, apart from the cool drizzle rain effect to running, added “spice” to the activity’s commitment to rice awareness advocacy. In addition to that, what makes the run more fun and attractive was the fact that the runners would be running alongside rice fields, which makes it closer to nature (not like the runs conducted in Manila) and actually have the “feel” of how rice is meticulously farmed.

The Run 4 Ur Rice Fun Run is just one of the many runs being conducted in the Philippines nowadays. But what makes it different is that the theme is actually brought nearer to a much greener way.

Run Rio: Run United 2 Experience

RunRio and Unilab Run United 2

Everyone is trying to be fit the healthy way but the most important and apparently the easiest way is the hardest to start! Staying at the office day in and day out five to six times a week stacking up carbs and stress to boot somewhat becomes a routine. Then, opportunity to starting a workout opens up but eventually will not work out in the end just like a romance cliché. Well, at least it does sounds like one. But anyone can run and have fun even if you are not with somebody at all. But not as fun if doing it involves thousands more! Nobody does it best like a Run Rio event.

So I decided to register to a 5K run for the experience and bought some sweet equipment and gears. With all the glorious prep and hype running out of slots is the last thing on my mind but yes, I ran out of slots. I found myself getting started in regaining my health back the epic way. Dragged a bunch of friends of mine and thinking that there will be a hell lot of a running.

It was 3am and we’re all in our sweatshirts and had an hour drive from SLEX to Fort Bonifacio. It was still dark when we arrived and setup for the day.

*This will be a long post I will update this later meanwhile check the photos in flickr.