How To Set Up GPRS on Samsung Punch GT-C3222 Automatically

Searching is over to how to set up your mobile phone’s GPRS would make you either a WHOSE or a WHO’S. Either someone WHOSE phone carrier didn’t give you much detail regarding your settings or someone WHO’S just too lazy to have it done manually.

What better way to setting up your mobile phone’s GPRS or WAP settings easier, is to simply check out on Tweakker. A lot of mobile phones are supported by tweakker; as for me, the tutorial worked well on my Samsung Punch GT-C3222. You might as well hope that it would work as well with your mobile phone as you follow these steps carefully.

  • By the time you open Tweakker, the browser will automatically detect your country or if it didn’t you could just manually select it on the list to determine the country code. In my case, because I reside in the Philippines, I would see a (+63) beside the country I’m in.
  • Enter your mobile phone number removing the country code, entering only the digit that comes after the country code and it would automatically detect your network carrier
  • Choose your mobile phone brand from the list; you’d probably know the brand of your phone right?
  • Now choose the model of your mobile phone, this is a bit confusing when you can’t find it on the list. I entered mine as “punch” but it’s not on the list so I tried entering C3222 and it worked. If you don’t know the model of your phone try doing this, restart your phone then check on the welcome screen, or you might as well open the back of your phone case then remove the battery and it could be somewhere there along with the SIM.
  • Select any website like Google or Facebook as your start page.
  • Tick to accept the terms and conditions then enter the protection code and hit ok. Wait for a minute, once you have received an SMS configuration, hit install and you’re done.


Get a Knockout Deal with the Samsung Punch Price Down

Samsung brings you a Punch with a dual-sim ready QWERTY phone, priced down at PhP 4,890..

So you want your phone speak the same language that you do? A QWERTY phone will might as well represent the smart and classy executive within you. Then let Samsung Punch speak for you with a full QWERTY keypads in a less expensive deal.

Knocked out already??

Well don’t be..

I’ve got more details for you..

You might have been wondering why large phone companies like Samsung have been avoiding the trend of using Dual-sim operations when China phones were on triumph because of the dual sim features they have? Well, it is simply due to the deals they had with mobile phone networks that would prefer that their customers to use only one network exclusively.

It is of perfect timing when Samsung introduced their active dual sim phones when China phones are having problems on energy usage since having such operation would require extra battery usage of the additional sim slot. It is like having to be supplied by two battery packs. Samsung Punch came with better capacity batteries that guarantees you with  better dual sim phone performance as you would imagine it.

Samsung Punch is a dual active standby sim ready, meaning it already has built in dual-sim adapters. It was made to have two sim actively working at the same time wherein, you can send and receive text messages, or make and answer calls from both sim at any given time. It would also allow you to switch sim cards through a menu or shortcut keys without the trouble of restarting the phone.

The dual active standby sim feature of Samsung Punch allows the use of two services without the need of having to carry two phones. It would be of help to people who need to separate numbers and set business apart from their private use. Also, to people who love to travel abroad where they can use the first slot for their home country and the other to be used for a sim that works in that country you are visiting.

Many are having problems using touch screen phones when visiting countries experiencing the worst of winter season especially in the month of February when the snow covers start to melt and prepare the way for summer, the coldest of days are to be experienced. Most touch screen phones have heat sensor to detect action and when you’re in absolute zero or less, tapping on such phones would be difficult. So after the touch screen phones, come Samsung Punch’s optical trackpad. With the Samsung Punch’s new optical trackpad feature, touch screen would be only a part of yesterday’s tabloids.

* 2G: Dual – GSM 850/900/1800/1900
* 2.2” TFT display (220 x 176, 256k colors)
* QWERTY keypad
* 1.3 megapixel camera
* Internal memory: 54 MB
* Expandable up to 8GB microSD
* Bluetooth 2.1
* FM Radio
* 1000 mAh battery

Here’s the deal with the latest feature, this so called Optical trackpad. As the name implies, it is an optical sensor, which detects the displacement of a finger that is moving on top of it. It makes use of a low resolution infrared camera to capture the movement made parallel to the surface and translate it into movement to be utilized by the phone as a command.

Other great features of Samsung Punch includes, 1.3 megapixel camera for taking good pictures, multimedia player to keep you occupied at the most boring side of your life, shortcuts to social network sites, Bluetooth and a lot more for you to discover.
So grab yourself a Samsung Punch and see a whole new world to discover.

With such features and such low price, I can’t cite a reason why you won’t crave for Samsung Punch..

And with Samsung Punch at hand, you’ll surely have the upper hand..