The Power of UNLIMITED of SmartSun Mobile Network Can Be Yours This Christmas

The mobile network war is over between this two, after the long battle of unlimited services. Smart Communications and Sun Cellular is now taking a great leap in mobile services which is very beneficial to the consumers. This can be the perfect gift this Christmas with all the savings SmartSun offers.

Get the unlimited texts for both networks for only P549 a month, you also get 2 hours of call to Smart and 4 hours of calls to Sun. The DUAL PLAN 549 comes with a FREE Dual SIM mobile Phone, a Nokia C203 that has dual access. No need to worry about the interconnection charges between this two, just text all the way you want.

I’m a Sun Cellular subscriber and my contract would end next year on the month of April, a great offer that makes me think of getting a dual SIM mobile phone again. Sad to say this is a limited Christmas edition only, so grab it Smart Stores and Sun Shops


Sun Cellular Facebook Zero for Android Smart Phones


Some Android phone users are getting some difficulty accessing the free version of Facebook for mobile.  I’ve been using Samsung Punch for Facebook zero on a Sun Cellular network, and am not getting any problems aside from the slow connection of course.

Now that I got the new Samsung Galaxy Y Young that is running on Android, I also got some problems connecting to Facebook zero. I don’t know if anyone has done this, I accessed the mobile site using the this URL and its working fine but it I know that it will cost me for the data charges. Then I add a number zero after the m and it worked, so I’m sharing this to you guys if your having the same issues. Here is the URL for reference and to avoid confusion.

This would probably work on any Android smart phones like iPhone using a browser, it won’t work using the Facebook app for Android.  Although it connect using Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) of Sun Cellular, Smart subscribers can also try this out.


Get the New BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphone at Plan 999 from Sun Cellular

BlackBerry Bold 9900, originally uploaded by 3 Sverige.

BlackBerry fans or soon to be converted fan like me here’s the chance to get the BlackBerry 9900 smartphone for only P999 a month from Sun Cellular. The BBM or BlackBerry Messenger is the feature I want to try with this elegant phone, also known being used by the business people that makes it something special.

Liquid Graphics
Reach out and touch your smartphone like never before, swiping, pinching and zooming on the Liquid Graphics™ touch screen. Together with a 1.2 GHz processor, and a 24-bit high-res display, BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone’s Liquid Graphics gives you fluid animations and instant response times.

The thinnest BlackBerry smartphone yet
With an elegantly brushed stainless steel frame, sculpted surfaces and advanced composite backing, the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 smartphones are as lightweight and durable as they are feature-packed.
Fast and powerful
Faster loading, faster scrolling, faster zooming. It’s the fastest BlackBerry experience to date. The premium BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphones feature the most powerful engine ever in a BlackBerry smartphone.

Boldly go anywhere
With BlackBerry 9900, move from home to the coffee shop to the airport and to the office without missing a beat while connecting to Wi-Fi® hotspots wherever they’re available.

BlackBerry 7 OS
BlackBerry® 7 is the next generation BlackBerry OS, packed with powerful new features and innovative apps. Augmented reality introduces exciting new ways to interact with the world around you, and with Near Field Communication1 (NFC) built-in, you can connect with other NFC-enabled devices and smart tags.

More on the specifications here

Blackberry Plan 999 inclusions are as follows.

• Unlimited BlackBerry Service
• Unlimited Mobile Internet
• Call & Text Unlimited*
• 30-month Holding Period

Every gadget is better on the other of course, the features are really tempting. One thing though for the Blackberry Plan 999 has a cash out of P19,995 well guys I think the unit would be FREE for this plan. So if you got the urge and the 20K cash, grab it to the nearest sun shop.

Get a FREE Android Phone from Sun Cellular at Plan 999

You read it right! a brand new Android mobile phone FREE when you apply for a new plan 999 of Sun Cellular you get a Samsung Galaxy 5. Today’s latest craze in mobile devices is the Android OS (operating system) from Google, a big  rival of  Apple’s iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy 5 is an entry level Android phone that would definitely make Android  fans happy to start with. A lot of features of  Android phone apart from an being open source project is to customize it on your liking, is the wide range of free and paid applications. Different mobile users can take control of how they want their phones. Mobile phone manufacturers are jumping to embrace Android leaving other phone OS behind.

Sun Cellular offers Unlimited Calls and Texts + Unlimited Mobile Internet
all for only P999 per month! visit any Sun Shop or check the site

Mobile Internet Browsing Tips from Sun Cellular

Tap to Dance, originally uploaded by [ embr ].

Android phones are the latest craze with its mobile internet browsing features that would make you want to surf the web all day. Social networks like updating Facebook and Twitter with ease and earning Foursquare badges on the go. The thing is, are you already enrolled in a mobile internet unlimited plan? Well you don’t have to worry anything about your bills anymore.

Other users may not need an all day mobile internet browsing, and despite all of it they still get unexpected billing or their prepaid credits seem to disappear. Maybe this tip from Sun Cellular can help you maximize your mobile browsing experience. I found this useful as this maybe the culprit behind why I had a big amount added to my monthly bill. I think this will apply to other mobile networks as well as you only have to change the settings on your phone. Keep browsing.

Avoid incurring unintentional Mobile Internet costs by doing the following

(1) Exiting your Web Browser after surfing to cut the GPRS/Internet Connection;

2) Setting your phone’s GPRS/Internet Connection to MANUAL to avoid automatic connection. Please check your phone manual for instructions on how to turn off your phone’s automatic internet connection; and

(3) Doing the same for phone apps. Set your phone apps’ GPRS/Internet Connection to Manual to avoid automatic connection.

Call the hotline at 200 from your Sun mobile phone or (02) 395-8000 from any landline for more information.